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Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Coupon Story, Whats Yours?

I have quite a few ask me how I started couponing, so I thought I would tell you all about it.

About a year and half ago DH asked me why didn't I use coupons for groceries and that I could save a lot of money. I said because I will just buy things I don't need, get junk or there will never be any coupons of stuff that I actually use. He said, "Well my sister does it and she saves money. A friend I knew grewing up also used to use coupons and she would get so much stuff for free, she used to amaze me." But for me, I guess being stubborn just kept saying I will never save any money using those and blew it off.

Well, lets fast forward to about almost 3 months now. I joined a group called RichmondMommies (RM) about 8 months ago or so and I would read posts where women were saving so much money. They were saving money with yes...those words my DH said to me long you believe it? Saving with coupons. Yes.

Well, me I still couldn't do it, I don' know why, but I couldn't. After about 6 months of reading all the savings that RM's were getting, I had to get into. There was one mommy who was offering a class and I signed up to go. The night of the class, I couldn't go because I was sick and exhausted. So, I was pretty bummed.

So, first I signed up for electronic coupons, you know Shortcuts, P&G, and CellFire. I think that really started to get me excited but it really wasn't saving me all that much money. But I read that you could stack them and from that point on, I was on with the coupons.

I do remember the first newspaper that I got, I was disappointed because I didn't get many but as the time went on, I started to collect more and more and then printed them off the internet. This is how I started to find mom blogs and how I started mine. My coupon holder went from a little small holder to a notebook, which I am still needing to make better, but I haven't been able to find photo sleeves to pull in my notebook, but I will keep searching.
Thanks to DH (I love you honey and I miss you...He has been working so much this weekend we haven't seen him much) and RM for getting me into saving money!!

Do any of you have a story you want to share?


Vanessa said...

I became a member of babycenter and saw that a ton of people were getting free wipes at Target. I realized that even though Target was 45 minutes away it was worth it to go and get a years worth or more. My husband got on board when I asked the manager and he let me get 250 dollars worth of wipes for free in one trip. It just made great financial sense to me. We live in a house that was built in the 70s and figured any extra savings would be great for remodeling.

Amanda said...

I just recently started getting into couponing also and have found that the baseball card pages work great in the notebooks for coupons. I read it on one of the blogs, but can't remember which one. I use a combination of those and regular page protectors (for extra unclipped coupons or MIR forms. I also have a separate binder for all of my pending MIR's and other info.

Love your site, you have some great info!

Jenny said...

I too have become a couponista. I first heard someone on the radio talking about all the free toothpaste, toilet paper, and more they were getting, and I couldn't believe that it was possible. I started reading blogs and am now saving a ton!

Thank you so much for sharing with everyone all the savings you're finding. Don't you feel like people are missing out by not getting these deals? I look back over the years and think of all the money I've wasted.

Keep up the awesome blog!

Lynette S said...

I have always been an "occasional" couponer, and done the rebates at Walgreen's. But I started seriously couponing about a year ago- that's when I learned how to shop at CVS! I rarely have much OOP there- I always amaze myself at what I come away with.

Thanks for the pics of your stockpile, and your shopping trips! I love seeing the deals everybody else gets~