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Friday, March 6, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

A huge thanks to Jamie's I am a Money Magnet for honoring me with the Kreativ Blogger Award for my Merry Go Round Blogs Feature. Thank you goes out to Bargain Fun also for Honoring me! You guys are wonderful!

Here are the rules:

With this award you are to name 7 things you love & pass the award to 7 blogs you love.

7 Things (& people) I love:

1. My wonderful DH
2. My beautiful kids
3. My family
4. Coupons because I probably wouldn't be here
5. Finding good deals to save money
6. My job :)
7. To all the wonderful blogs out there!

7 Blogs I love (I know I have more than 7 (like Jamie) but the rules are 7!) Make sure if you stop by these blogs you leave them some love and where you found them at!

1. Sisterly Savings -- I have to definitly give her an award because I came up with "Merry Go Round Blogs" from her Ring around the Blogs version! THANK YOU! You have a wonderful site.
2. The Checkout Chicks -- These ladies are great, they have a wonderful blog about stockpiling.
3. CVS Deals and Other Steals -- Sherry does a great job with saving money at CVS.
4. Keeping the Kingdom First -- I love this site because she does the CVS Challenge each week
5. Frugal in Virginia -- Another great site especially because it is the state I live in so I find some good deals there
6. The Thrifty Mama -- This site is the first site I ever visited and I really started to learn so much here!!
7. Bargain Briana -- She always has something good here!

So make sure you stop by these blogs and leave them some much needed love for all the great work they do on their sites!!


This post also marks me 100 blogs! WOO HOO! How exciting is that. I never realized that my blog would take off like it has! Thanks again to everyone!