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Monday, March 9, 2009

Stockpile Pictures

Here is update of my current stockpile. I was telling my DH that I needed to start an inventory sheet (like someone else's blog I have previously looked at) so that I know all the stuff that I have.

I do have a few more things to add to my stockpile but I didn't take updated pictures.
I have added a MR Linky below. Put your link below and show us your stockpiles.
Also leave me a comment and tell me how you keep track of all of your products in your stockpile. I am interested how others do it.


Kristen said...

This is a GREAT idea! I need to take some inventory of my stock as well. I ran out of dish washer detergent because I didn't realize I used my last box, which wouldn't have happened if I had a list somewhere. I think I take for granted that I buy in bulk, and forget that even bulk runs out if it's not replenished.

PS Today I got a free sample of Cascade Complete, which buys me another day of dishwashing. Yeah WalMart freebies!

Hadias said...

Such a nice idea to add a mr.linky
I enjoy seeing stockpile pictures to get ideas on how to stack and store stuff.

Tiffany said...

That's a great stockpile. Mine is such a mess I would be ashamed to post pictures.

Lee W. said...

You have even buddies soap to last probably 5 years for a kid lol , great job!

SH said...

I am jealous of the tp ! i can never get that stocked up!

Jill said...

This came up at the bottom of your most recent post as a 'you might also like'--I know it's from last year, but I had a question, and I also recently saw something on stockpiling elsewhere. Basically, they said you could 'stack' coupons and when something is on sale get it for free or very inexpensive. BUT, most of the coupons I see have said 'cannot be used with any other offer'.. can you um, clarify that for me? Do the stores not care, or is it only certain coupons that say that? We are prepping to move into a new place with a huge area for a pantry and I'm am very happy to do some stockpiling of my own if possible. Thanks. an email or a post about it would be great!