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Friday, November 13, 2009

Old Navy Deals & Coupons

So, I'm actually pretty excited. I never understood how to do this and tonight in between power outage, I was playing with this and found a coupon $10 off $50. But what I didn't know is they give other coupons just by clicking around such as 15% off, 10% off, $65 off $100 and others. But they can go fast. Seems like right now: they still have $10 off $50, Buy something bedazzled, get 10% off, get 15% off and 20% off any purchase when you buy a party cardigan. So, if you are interested go to and do the below:

--20% off any purchase when you buy a party cardigan - Put the yellow cardigan on Amy and click the red dot to the left. Then click on Amy's lips.

--$10 off $50 - Put the purple cardigan on Amy and move the 3 yellow stars (by the "Pre-style It" blue button) and move them onto the small white dot in the sky (behind Amy on the right). They will form a star for the $10/$50

--15% off any purchase - You'll need to refresh your screen and then click Amy's fingernail (don't move any cardigans yet)

--10% off any in-store purchase - Put the pink cardigan on Amy and then click the "Pre-Style" button

Also don't forget the Gap Give and Get 30% off.