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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Week 2 of Cloth Diapers

I will post some pictures later, but we are working on Week 2 of Cloth Diapering my 3rd daughter. Honestly I don't think I ever would have thought twice about doing it because it always made me think of when my parents cloth diapered us. Wow, have cloth diapers changed within time. I am 31 years old and when my mom saw one of the cloth diapers, she was shocked. But DD3 had a bum so red that we tried just using cloth wipes with water and that seemed to help, but her but was still raw. Thanks to a friend, we were able to try some cloth diapers and over the past week...WOW. We have seen such a difference.

I have done so much research on cloth diapers and reading up on them. I actually return to work within a week and have to show my hubby and our part time sitter how to use them because we will not be going back to posies.

Now I wonder why I had such a negative thought about cloth diapering, I really don't know why I did. I was super nervous about trying them because I seriously thought we were going to be changing clothes left and right because of leakage and just thought it was going to be a horrible experience. By no means have we had a horrible experience.

So, if you ever thought of trying them, I think you will be happy with your decision and if you check out my blog about how much posies are here...Disposable Diapers and their Costs...I think you might even want to look into Cloth Diapers.


Mom said...

Nice, we are trying about to start the process of adopting now and when I had my 3 I thought cloth diapering was a really bad idea, I will look into it now and see how they are.

Have you found they are better with different companies or all they all the same?

Nice blog I am favorite placing it.