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Sunday, December 13, 2009

4 Weeks of Cloth Diapering

So, I hate the way I look, but anyway.  Here is the little booger that we can't use disposables on.  However I must admit, it has been rather nice not to have to buy any in three weeks and the last of the ones we had, I had given away.   For DD2 we are hoping that she will be out of diapers soon, but once we are done with what we have for her, then she will be using cloth diapers.  I really should try to see about some for potty training, but thats not really in the budget.

Its been amazing learning all the ins and outs of cloth diapering and still learning.  I was reading on my local mommy board and there were some abreviations used and I wasn't sure what they meant, I asked.  So, like I said I am continuing to learn.

The money we have saved by just not using disposables has been wonderful and overall it is saving the landfill. Posies are not biodegradeable whereas cloth diapers we wash.  As a mommy of three, I am happy that DD3 was allergic to posies because now that we are CDing, I feel we are not only helping our daughter in more way than one, but we are also helping our environment and should we decide to have anymore children, we will defnitely be using cloth diapers from the beginning.

I read that a lot of people who do use cloth diapers do not like to use them at night time since babies sleep longer at night.  We couldn't go that route, but I am glad that we could not. I only have one of them, but I think my favorite night time diaper is the Thirsties Duo Diaper.   Absolutely no leaking, however I haven't tried that many dipes to know if others would leak.  But I will tell you this one does not.  The dipe fits wonderfully and again no leaking.

So, with four weeks under my belt, I have to admit things are going well. DD3 stays with sitter three days a week only for half days and she is taking well to the CDing.  DH is also taking well to the cding. At first he liked the snaps, but he is so much happier with the velcro, he said it is like a regular posie.

DH was cute though this past week he said why is her bum red again?  This was a day DD2 and DD3 was both home with him and I noticed my wipe warmer that has water and a little bit of Kissaluvs Diaper Potion in it now had wipes in it.  I asked him, are you using regular baby wipes.  He looks down and says, "Yea, but I didn't know what to use."  I had to take the baby wipes out of the wipe warmer and fix the water again and show him what he needed to do with that. It was cute though.  I am really happy he is taking so well to this, but he just wants DD3 to not be uncomfy.

More to come about the washing of CD's, but overall my love of cloth diapering is growing.  I just wish we had a better stash.


Pumpkin Bear said...

I am only about 2 months into cloth diapering and I love it too! I haven't tried the thirsties duos yet although they sound great. We mostly use Bumgenius 3.0's for night time- although we do change our baby's diaper half way through the night when she wakes up. I can't wait to hear more about your experiences!

Tami Pearson said...

congrats on cloth diapering! we just had our first baby and starting cding right from the start. i cant imagine how many disposables we would have gone through!