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Monday, December 21, 2009

Guest Blog Post: Attention Target Shoppers

Today's Guest Blogger is Ginger from Attention Target Shoppers!!  Welcome Ginger and thank you for being a part of my blog today!

Attention Target Shoppers is without a doubt the result of years of frugality. Like most of us who are frugal, I wasn't born with that proverbial silver spoon in my mouth. We did a lot of things in my youth that carried over to adulthood. One thing we did not do when I was young was coupon. That came much, much later in life for me. I don't think even at my poorest stage in life I had yet discovered the power of coupons. I'm pretty sure that it was around 2003 when I discovered what power they have and the benefits of what they could do for me. I learned loads of other things along the way and here are a few of the things I practice to keep the budget in control:
  • Utility Conservation - Use CFL bulbs, set thermostat higher/lower depending on the season, change filters monthly, turn off lights when possible, open curtains/drapes and let the sun in to heat rooms on winter days.
  • Credit Card Management - Use cards that give me a reward of some type and pay bill in full at the end of the month. Try to find rewards where I can further manage them into even better deals. Example - Amazon gift certificates and then finding a great clearance deal to make those GCs stretch. Double check due dates and when payments were credited. Tricky company tactics go on all the time.
  • Auto Maintenance - Track and do maintenance on time, keep vehicle washed, tires aired up and to get best gas mileage. There are even coupons for this!
  • Planning Errands - Do shopping on slow days and make a route of where I'm going to to conserve gas and get the best deals on meat, clearance etc.
  • Laundry & Dishwasher - Full loads only! Same amount of electricity whether full or not so get the best use of your electrical dollar.
  • Dryer - keep that lint filter cleaned out! While you have it out take it and give it a good bath with a scrub brush and break loose the residue from the dryer sheets/softener. You'll get better drying efficiency. Clean out or change out the vent hose. Get a good aluminium one and reduce your fire hazard too.
  • Bank the coupon savings! Yep, pay yourself. You'll be surprised at how quickly it grows.
Those are some of the offline things I do. There are plenty of on line frugal practices I use all the time to include:
  • Shop through a site that will give you a reward or a rebate.
  • Do your homework before ordering from a company & reward site so that you receive the best deal.
  • Clear cache, cookies, history - Before shopping clear your machine to make sure that when I make a purchase I am credited for my shop through the site I am using. Cookies have a long "shelf life" and the site with the cookie on your computer first gets the sale credit. This can cause you to lose credit for a reward.
  • Do surveys for various sites. I end up making a few hundred dollars per year taking surveys.
  • Sign up at your favorite sites for their email. You will get all of their offers and coupons. I do suggest a separate email account for this type of mail. You'll get a fair amount from some sites while others only monthly.
  • Network with other frugalistas to find great deals. More eyes mean more deals and better deals.
  • Keep coupon box/binder in the car. Even if I forget while I am in the store, I can go to the car to get them.
  • Save Receipts - Also know the price adjustment policies of your shopping meccas. I took a receipt back for a $24.50 adjustment just yesterday. Do you make $24.50 per hour? That is how long it took me to grab my coupon, receipt, drive across town and stand in line to get the adjustment. Well worth my time. Today, I discovered it is worth another $15.00 adjustment since it is still within the time allowed. Even $15 per hour is worth going back to get it.
  • Organize receipts so that if you have tax deductible expenses they are all together. I have one receipt worth a $1500.00 tax deduction. Receipts should be treated as if they are cash! Put an envelope in your purse or get a small accordion check file to keep in the car so you can keep track of all receipts.
I would like to thank Shannon for inviting me to do a guest blog post. I hope I have taught you or reminded you of ways to save in addition to couponing. I hope you will visit my blog and grab some Target Deals. There are around 4300 of us who claim to be Targeteers! Come and join the fun.


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