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Sunday, December 13, 2009

House Full of Coughing

Today has been a house full of coughing.  I think with my returning back to work this past Monday, was really hard on me and stressed my body out that I got sick.  I was pretty bothered because Thursday only three days after being back to work, I had to go home early because I was sick.  I had a horrible headache, sore throat, body hurt and when I got home I found a had a temperature of 102.5.  I mean it was ok, I worked at home to make up my time, but it just really bothered me to already have to go home. I know though with three kids, there is no time for me to be down and I needed to go home to feel better. 

Its Sunday now and I still don't feel much better.  I lost my voice yesterday and it is not fully back, just in and out.  Friday night into Saturday morning, I felt so horrible I didn't even hardly sleep.  I think I got about two hours of sleep because I was up and down, up and down. Anyway.  Normally DH sleeps in because of working nights, but he went to bed early Friday, so he was up around 530AM with me on Saturday morning and I was coughing up a storm.  When DD2 woke up, she added her coughing in. And now today, DD3 is coughing too.

So with my first week back to work, I never made it to the grocery store, just too much going on. This morning a local mommy was having a destashing sale on fabric that I really wanted to hit, but no one felt up to getting up and doing anything and everyone was coughing so much, I didn't want to get anyone sick.  About 2pm, we realized mommy has to go to work tomorrow, so, we better hit the stores. You know the whole 9 yards, Target, Wal-Mart, Kroger.  I really wanted to hit CVS, but it was time to go home. 

Well with all the coughing in the house, we finally decided we really needed to get a whole house cool mist humidifier, bite the bullet of the price and get it, especially since pediatricia recommended a whole house one as well.  We have always had a small one in the bedroom, but we went for the whole house one. I will tell you, it has been on for the past two hours and you can already tell a difference in the air.  Hasn't helped with the coughing yet, but DD2 and I are still coughing up a storm.  DD3 is here and there.  Hopefully within time it will start to help with the coughing.

So, it is back to work again tomorrow for week 2.


sunnymum said...

Wow, I didn't know they made one for the whole house. Our little one is sufficient for our apartment, but I will recommend a larger one to my parents. Thanks!