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Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Blogging Journey

I have been questioned here quite a few times lately about how I began my blogging. So, I thought instead of responding back a few times, I would tell you all about my experience how it all began. As a mommy, I really wanted to learn how to save money. Over a year ago I really started to get into couponing and checking things out with coupons. At the time I had two girls, Big Daughter J and Daughter E and I just wanted to save money, on diapers especially since they are so expensive. When Big Daughter J was in diapers, I would have said, “Coupons, what are they?” I can't even remember if coupons were even a hit when she was that little, she is 8 now. So, as I began to dig into the couponing world, I was amazed at what I could do with coupons and started to tell my friends about them. But for a while there, none of my friends really listened about me saving mony with coupons and I was embarrassed about carrying around my coupons to the stores and even moreseo embarrassed about giving them to the cashier. But after a bit, because this mommy was buying products for close to nothing if not nothing, I started to realize there is no need to be embarrassed, you seriously need to do what you can to save money. As I got more into this, I started to realize there are other people and mommies out there who want to save money also and could really benefit from this and would love to hear how to get products for free or super cheap just by using coupons. Yes, that is what I said, “Just by using COUPONS!!” I got excited about knowing that a little piece of paper could do so much for people like you and me.

I found that on certain days I would really love my mail man because we would get all kinds of coupons and freebies that I had signed up for in the mail and I would get so excited. Other days I didn’t like my mail man, because nothing fun would be in the mail.

So, I started to blog about all of my findings to share with everyone else. And honestly it took me weeks to come up with my Blog name, I think it was because I knew after searching around and looking for coupons, there were other blogs out there and I didn’t want my blog to be like everyone else’s and have same like names. So, I finally came up with Coupon Mommy of 2 and then I started my blog. 

As time has grown on, I have continued to find joy in my blog because I not only talk about couponing, but I also talk about my personal dealings with life, my girls and day to day dealings and my new found love is Product Reviews. I wanted others to follow my blog and get excited about the silly things that I would get excited about, I think that is just the mommy in me. Or comment me and tell me little things about posts that I had made like I do with other blogs. Blogging has definitely become huge in today's world.

In September we had our 3rd daughter, Baby B so Coupon Mommy of 2 blog became Coupon Mommy of 2 ... Now 3. I had almost thought about not continuing with my blogsite and a good friend of mine said, "No Shannon you can't stop, then how will I get my deals!"  So, she really talked me into staying and I am really glad she did.  Thanks, Penny!!

I then started a Facebook Fanpage and a Twitter Page and my blog has really started to take off.  I love it and I love my followers.  I really try to keep up with each of you and comment and I hope you all will do the same for me here.  If you are new here, I welcome you and hope you like what you have stumbled upon.  Please follow me, I think I have a great read here.  I have many products and reviews, my day to day dealings, my cloth diapers stories, my kids and anything else you can imagine.

My blogging journey will continue and I am so excited to be moving forward, moving forward into 2010, it is a great source of release for me and I love it.

Leave me a comment, I love comments and Check out my Giveaways!!  THANKS TO YOU ALL!


sheri said...

We wish you the best for 2010!!! We hope your blog continues to grow!

whocg23 said...

It is great reading how your journey began. I hope you continue to write such an amazing blog. I love it! Have a great new year!

Anonymous said...

Girl I am very, very proud of you!!! I am impressed and excited for you! You amaze me at what you do and you should be proud of yourself!

I love your blog and I share it with as many people as I can. I will continue to do so.

Love you girl!


Green Mama said...

I love hearing how other bloggers began. It is great that you do what you do to help others out. That's really why I started too! I actually had no idea what blogging was all about, but I knew I had information to share and I wanted to get it out there. I never knew where all of that would lead me too....and still don't, but it is so much fun!

Pumpkin Bear said...

I have always wanted to learn more about couponing but it seems so overwhelming. Of course, cloth diapers seemed like that at first too and now I love them. I love your blog!