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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Sorry this is a blunt post, but I wanted to post what I am going through right now. I don’t feel a Wordless Wednesday at the moment.  So, FYI, be prepared I am blunt in this post!!

Wow, I never thought I would have to say this, but seriously OUCH. I breastfed my two oldest daughters and really didn’t have any issues with either of them. Never had cracked nipples, never had thrush, never had what I hear a lot of other momma’s have had, so I considered myself lucky! I was able to breastfeed my first for 9 months and my second for 14 months. So I really consider myself to be a very lucky momma.

Seriously though, my last pregnancy with my third was different than them all, the delivery was different and many other aspects after have been different too. I do know though all pregnancies will never be the same so therefore childbirth and your children are never the same. So, a lot of things are a whole new world for me, where I almost feel like a first time momma. Seems kind of crazy, but it is true. Breastfeeding Baby B as with my others is amazing and I love the closeness and the bond that grows between the mother and child, but I have been in some major pain.

Two weeks ago, my right breast was cracked and bleeding and the pain was just sore and just a little painful to touch but that has now healed as of early this week and I now have it on the left side. THIS is super painful! It is cracked pretty badly and hurts to even wear my bra or to even feed. I squeal in pain (behind the scenes, don’t want anyone to see this) and it bleeds horribly when pumping at work. I have had to place a piece of napkin on the cut just to pump so that I don’t get blood in the milk. I have turned down the level on the pump, but in all seriousness I have pain so bad, I just want to cry and nothing seems to be helping. I mean just a little bit ago, I was complaining in a funny way that I was lopsided because one breast was bigger than the other, I can deal with that and I thought it was funny, cause I still am lopsided. The joys of breastfeeding and being a mommy… but I can’t believe how much pain I am in.

Did anyone else deal with this and what did you do? HELP a Mommy out.


Pumpkin Bear said...

I have been living with a nightmare case of thrush, so I know breastfeeding pain! Have you tried lanolin? That doesn't work for thrush but it might help your situation. What helped the other side get better?

Lee W. said...

wow, i'm sorta glad I'll never have to go through that, best of luck! BTW check my blog as I've given you an award!

lovemylevi said...

I had this same problem during our first week of BFing. The nurse at the hospital supplied us with those plastic nipple shields and some lanolin and it healed really quickly! Hope it gets better soon, breastfeeding is so bittersweet!

Anonymous said...

Gerber Soothing gel patches!!!! They are lifesavers. I had a cracked bleeding nippled and after three hours it was almost normal again. keep them in the fridge to. they're expensive but it's way way worth it.

The Patton's said...

I had thrush with my 1st son and had to stop breastfeeding at 6months. but the my second no such problems so far but if you use lanoline everytime you feed or pump it will help you alot and you don't have to wash it off before you feed or pump. you can get coupons on their website.

Adventures in Wisconsin said...

I had a similar experience with my first baby so I empathize. When you are in this much pain, I would recommend talking with a lactation consultant or La Lache League leader. (You could also try They would be able to help you identify a combination of solutions that will work for your specific situation. I hope you are able to get relief. Hang in there and kudos to you for giving your baby "the gift that lasts a lifetime!"