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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ebay Experiences Needed

So, I am just curious about what others think of ebay, whether it be good or bad.  Do you have any stories that you can give me about it from either the purchasing end or the seller end?

Thanks for your help in advance.  Please comment and let me know


Tiffany said...

I've used ebay for a long time now and it has it's ups and downs. From the buyers end it's easy to use and you are covered from fraud. From the sellers end you pay fees (which sometimes make you feel feed to death), alot of times they side with buyers in disputes, you can only leave positive feedback even if you aren't happy with the transaction, and my biggest problem is the feedback star program. People complain about shipping fees but if the fees are listed in the auction I feel they shouldn't be allowed to give you less stars for this.

Those are just my opinions though. I sell and buy regardless of the hassles.

DIan said...

Hi Shannon,
Thanks for dropping by my site. I used to sell coupons on eBay and I made between $200 - $300 a week. But, it did get frustrating when eBay ALWAYS fell on the side of the buyer. I had to refund many times for "coupons they never got", which never came back to me. So, I weighed the hassle of eBay against the joy of my new blog last year and decided to close my store on eBay. I have been much happier ever since. I would say: Seller Beware, Buyer Always Wins!
P.S. I am planning on doing a vlogging series on "How To Sell On eBay" this year!

Danyale N. said...

I set up a seller account back in 2006 to sell things i had no need for some new some used and at first things were going well i had talked to the customer care before signing up telling them i wanted a paper bill and they say that would be what i got unless specified otherwise so i was like ok so i sold alot of stuff in a month and one day i signed in and it said i owed $35.00 well i looked all over the site for away to get a mailing address to send them a money order and never could find where to send money orders too so i figured i'd wait a couple days see if i got a invoice in the mail when i didnt i contacted customer service and it was unavailable so i emailed them 4 different times within a week no response at all then one day i signed in and it said i now owed $75.00 and my account was passed due and i couldn't sell no more the only thing is i hadn't sold anything else since it said $35.00 so they were over charging me for not paying when they said to... so i was mad by this time and i emailed them another 2 more times to get no response. I checked my paypal the next couple days after and lucky i withdrew my money already cuz they were tryin to take it out of my paypal account. they ended up causeing me to lose my paypal account as well at the time. Months later i got a phone call from a bill collector for them and i told the woman what happened and she appologised and said thats not how they told them what happened and i never got another call again.

Like that story wasn't bad enough back in 2008 my mom wanted to try i figured they hopefully wouldn't screw her over so i set her account up and i told her it was best to pay by credit card for her fees and she agreed. Well she had sold a shoe file and at the time we didn't know they had put the buyer protection so when the girl paid it was held in her paypal account well we depended on ebay for extra money and didn't have the money to ship it thats why we charge shipping duh... anyways i contacted her and told her at first i didnt know what was goin on wasnt gettin the money and all well at first she was very nice and after bout 2 days couldnt figure out anything else to do i figured if we canceled the order that it would give her money back and we wouldnt be charged. When i sent the woman a connection to close after i had already emailed her and we agreed to do it she went behind my back and told ebay she still wanted the item and i was refusing to send it to her. Well my ma called paypal and they explained the buyer protection and all and we told them we just wanted to give the woman back her money and they told us how so we sent her money back by releasing it to her. She contacted me back said she got her money then wanted to know when she was gettin the shoe file i said you aren't i gave you your money back. Well after all that i figured i didn't sell anything so no fees WRONG they charged my mom $12.00 for that and it was the only she sold that month and then reversed it.

Ebay is great for buyers but unless your a company or can afford to send things out right away ebay is a scam all in itself....

CheapbyChoice said...

I have both shopped and sold things on ebay. I have always had positive experiences when buying things. I shop from people who have been on ebay for a long time. Selling has sometime been great other times not so good. Before I try to sell anything, I search to if the same item is listed and if it is selling. If not selling, I do not even try. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

This is great and I was glad to read what others think so I will be stopping by to check on others again.

I have sold and bought and never had a problem. I just can't seem to do the selling but have gotten great deals on buying.

Great question!


MisAdventuresofMomof3 said...

I've shopped and I've shopped a lot on EBAY. I have used it from Coach Sunglasses to baby clothes and everything in between. I've never sold. I can honestly say that my husband and I who share the account have always had + experiences. I don't know if I would ever sell. I've contemplated selling the kids stuff when they get older. So, I'm glad to be reading this commentary.

Betsy said...

I buy and sell on ebay all the time and have never had any problems. I think it is great other than the sellers fees.

olahmomma said...

I love ebaying (selling/buying), just dislike their transaction fees:)

I'm now your follower. You can visit mine at


CanadianMama said...

I LOVe ebay for all things but especially coupons. be sure to check the shipping charges and the seller's feedback rating first before bidding and you should be just fine :)