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Monday, January 18, 2010

Introducing my Family!

Tonight I realized I talk about my kids and DH all the time, but never really shared them with you!  It is always great to know who I am talking about and always helps.  My kids are my life and my dear hubby is the best.

This is DH and I on our wedding day almost 3 years ago.  Feb 24th.  He is one amazing man, I have learned a lot from him.  I was pregnant here and had DD2 May 30.  Its funny I just looked at his FB tonight and this was the picture he had up there. I still remember the first time I talked with him, the first time I met him and I remember getting married to him like it was yesterday!  I love you DH!

This is my DH.  I love him!  He would kill me if he knew this picture was up here, but I am not sure if he really looks at my blog all that much anyway!
He is one wonderful father, step father, husband and friend.  My best friend.  He always makes me laugh, he is hilarious!  Loves to laugh, joke, have fun and be with his family!

This is me.  I hate the way I look and as I get older I seriously hate the way I look more and more!  DH constantly tells me I'm beautiful, but I'm just not feeling it.  I feel like this mommy needs a major makeover.  So, if anyone is willing to do a review and giveaway of a makeover, I could go for one.  HAHA, just kidding.  Not kidding about the makeover, just kidding about the review and giveaway.
I am a little bit more serious than DH, but I have definitly lightened up since being with him.

This is Big Sister J.  She is 8 years old in 2nd grade.  She is such a beautiful girl with a big heart.  She loves her sisters so much.  She looks just like her dad, she is very tall and skinny! Such a sweetheart and she is so photogenic.  I mean look at her she is gorgeous! 
She is one smart girl, it amazes me sometimes at what she knows. And she loves to watch Jeapardy!

This is Sister E, she is 2.5 years old.  She has blond hair like I did when I was little and the curliest locks!  She is a doll and all about her family!  When Big Sister J is at her dad's she misses her and wants her to come home and she loves Baby B.  And just like Big Sister J, she is gorgeous! 
She looks just like her dad, there is no doubt she is all him.  And she is just like him!

And this is Baby B.  She just turned 16 weeks yesterday.  She too is a doll and she looks just like her mommy!!  Finally mommy has one that looks like here.  She is smiling all the time and cooing.  Its super cute when she is smiling because she is starting to laugh.  Oh I love it.  She loves her mommy!
She has extra sensitive skin, so we are learning so much with her.  Learning to cloth diaper and products that we can use on her so she doesn't break out!

This is stepdaughter E.  Don't know why the picture is small and can't change it, but she too is 8 and has a head full of curls.  A sweet little girl and always thinking about others.   She is so smart and growing up so fast.  She lives in Mass so we miss her when we don't see her so much!

And here are just some misellaneous photos that I thought I would share with you!

Hope you enjoyed, this is my family!  


Amy said...

What a beautiful family!

Carly said...

So Nice to see your family. Your girls are too cute!

Madame Deals said...

Thanks for stopping by Madame Deals today! It was nice seeing pictures of your family.