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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Its Very, Very Hot!!

A couple of weeks ago, DH was holding Sister E who wanted a "pop" which is a popsicle.  So he set her down on the counter like we have done only a million times.  I just finished using the Fry Daddy about half an hour ago, so it was still warm.  Sister E leaned back (and DH didn't know I had used it since it is not often we use it) and started screaming "HOT, OWE!!"   She is better today of course, but believe it or not anything that is HOT she stays far away from or gets very upset.

Friday DH picked Sister E from daycare and the teacher told DH for the last 15 minutes Sister E has been very upset with one of the other kids.  He asked why and they said well one of the kids went to put a baby in the kid microwave and Sister E got very upset.  Telling them, "it is very, very hot, take the baby out!"  "Hot" 

Awe....When something like this or very dear to my 2.5 year old she is very adament about it.  She wants to know if it is hot and if we tell her it is, she stays away.  Great way to keep her away from the electrical outlets that she had a moment for a while back.  Anyway.

Do your kids have moments like this of something that happened to them?

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Michelle - Mom of 3 Munchkins said...

My son had a similar experience with something hot. We have a gas fireplace that we don't normally use, but our furnace wasn't working for a few days, so we used the fireplace when DS was sleeping to warm up the house. One time he touched it soon after it was turned off and he burned his hand pretty good. Now he won't go near it if he can feel even a little bit of warmth coming from it!

Thanks for visitin my blog!

Night Owl Mama said...

I think all kids go through this stage. I have 4 of them and so far 3 of them have