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Friday, January 22, 2010

Random Randomness

Excuse me while I rant here for a little bit.

I really wish DH's family were here in VA, not only because we miss them so much and don't get to see them very often, but just because they are family! 

Anyways, I was pretty upset today when I asked my mom the other day if she could watch the girls so DH and I could go out on a date tomorrow night.  DH and I never ever go out and after we had Sister E in May of 2007,  the first time we went out was almost two years later.  So, it has been over a year again and we just wanted to spend some time together. My mom said she couldn't because she needed to study!  I love my mom to death so don't get me wrong, I guess more or less, I am just upset.  In the venting mode, my mom doesn't spend a lot of time with the grandchildren, she does with my oldest at least every other week if she can, but not with my others.  So, I seriously thought when I asked her she would jump all over it.  She didn't. 

So I miss DH's family because I know they would have jumped on the opportunity had we asked them.    Anyway, I am just bummed!

Thanks for listening to me vent.


Xenia said...

It's funny how it seems like grandparents are one way or the other when it comes to watching the kids. My in-laws would drop everything and come here for us if we even mentioned it and they're the ones who get to see the kids fairly often. On the other hand, when my mom finally gets here to visit, she gets all distracted doing her own thing...

I hope you get some time away soon! :)

Anonymous said...

Girl~ I am with you! My Mom is so not into babysitting. She loves the kids and all but she can't "handle" it. Neither is DH's and they are all in the same vicinity. On occasion they will watch them for a few. Find someone close to you with kids and do some play dates for adults and kiddies. Then exchange duties of watching each others' while you get out for a dinner alone! Where there is a will (and you have one!) there is a way!

Lisa said...

We never get out either! My mom passed away a couple months ago and was the only one who would take them over night but its been a long while since she was able to do that as she was sick before she passed.
It annoys the heck out of me when I hear moms complain that their family refused to watch their kids, but really they do it all the time, they just "had the nerve" to say no once in a while. So there's my rant!
People suggest to me to find another mom to swap with but my three overwhelm me so I don't think I could handle 3 more and it doesn't seem far to trade with someone with just one....
So we just never go out