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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reviewing a Review: Critiquing It

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The Budget Mommy wrote a great post about “How to Spot a Fake Review”
The Budget Mommy
Thank you The Budget Mommy! I really liked this post, and it gave me that Food for thought feeling…but after reading this, I really started to think about some things. Some things I never really thought about… I just recently started doing reviews and I love doing them! My kids and hubby enjoy being guinea pigs of products that we receive from companies and have never tested before and we have lots of fun with them as well!

But many people think that bloggers only do reviews of products to get the product for free. I can only state about my blog, but in our household, it does not work like this. We completely review the product we have received and thoroughly review it for its worth, use and means. Its important to me and when I say, “Mommy and/or daddy tested and approved”, I actually mean this. I am very honest in that aspect and make sure that you all see this in my review.

One of the comments I read was, is the reviewer actually using the product? Well something to tell my blogger friends, my viewers and companies I have worked with, currently working with and hope to work with…I review each product that I receive. It is important to me to review the product to give an honest review. I something think I am too brutally honest with my reviews, but like Budget Mommy said you are trying to sell the product, so be honest. I too have had to hold off doing some reviews because I would I would need to do further review of it for reasons such as; contact the company because I had issues with the product, or didn’t understand how the product worked. I will also have to tell you all that one of my previous products I reviewed and held off for sometime posting was the Earth Baby Organics because I thought my daughter was having an allergic issue to it. I wouldn’t want to post this and needed to further make sure was it this product or something else. If I had a severe enough issue with a product, I would get back with the company I was working with and let them know the issues I had with and wouldn’t feel safe doing a review because of the problems that I had.

The Budget Mommy also stated look for negatives/cons in a review. Well I never thought of putting the negatives/cons down when I review a product? Why? I don’t know. However in terms, I guess I have such as if I were to have a severe enough problem with it, I would get back with the company and not be able to further do the review. While I am at it though, I must admit the previous reviews I have done, I haven’t had any cons or negatives because I was overly happy with the previous products that I have reviewed!

But moving forward…I will come up with a template per say as a way of reviewing products that will give the full affect of the product. I think this too will help to give all those reading it give a better understanding of it. It think this too will also help the company know where their product stands on the scale of things.

However out of curiosity, what do you all think of my previous reviews? Are there things that I could do better with them? I look for your help just because you all are the ones reading them.


whocg23 said...

I have always liked your reviews. You give a good amount of info from the company, but you also make sure to put in a good amount of your own thoughts without going too far, or not far enough. Some reviews I have looked at go on and on down the page with, yes useful stuff, but stuff none-the-less and could have been stated in a better way.

Beccalynn said...

I don't think I've ever entered your reviews but since I hope to start doing some myself soon, your insights are wonderful! Thanks for your honesty.

Anonymous said...

I TRY to post both pros and cons, but sometimes it's difficult to find the negatives. I think as long as a review is honest and detailed, it's a good review.