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Sunday, January 17, 2010

What a Week!

What a week is seriously all I can say.  It has been a very long week at work and when Friday came, I was so happy it was over.  Now Sister E started to get sick Friday with very high temps that have really scared us.   Rightfully so one of her temps was 105.6, but we were told with a bacterial infection this was normal.  I feel bad I fall asleep and her temps are high and DH was afraid to go to work because he was nervous her temps would sky rocket. I wake up and then can't go back to sleep.  As a mom, I feel so bad but at same moment...I just feel all over the place.  Excuse me for my random thoughts as a mommy.  I love my girls and seeing them feel bad is the worst.

I want to tell you all about an experience that really bothered both DH and I at the doctors office on Friday evening.  We were the last ones there so they got Sister E right in.  DH hurried her there because her temp was105.6, he gave her a luke warm bath and then headed to the doctors office.  When she got there it was 103.9.  I had to take Big Sister J to an appt so Baby B, Big Sister J and I met him over there.  They did a strep and flu test which came back negative.  But they said they were going to send in the strep test for further testing.  She did a white blood count test and she said they were very high.  She tested her urine, but said there was no infection there.  She said Sister E had a bacterial infection.  She wanted to give her the Rocephin antibiotic shot.  So she had Sister E sit on my lap and she cleaned her leg while Sister E knew what was going to happen she was screaming "NO WAY".  The lady said when she was ready to hold her arms.  She never said she was ready and then all the sudden I heard "DAMN IT" and Sister E screaming bloody murder.  WTH just happen.  Big sister J was crying watching Sister E cry and Baby B was just crying because she was hunger.  So Mommy started crying hearing all the others cry and DH was like WTF.  Yea, and it was a WTF.  The nurse ran out of the room.  And I had no clue what happened.  The doctor came in and looked, Sister E had went to move the needle because of the pain, so it bent the needle and scratched her as well!  Still how professional was that of the nurse and then on top of that curse in front of my kids. She came in and gave her the shot in the other leg and all the while we are all crying and Sister E was screaming while saying NO WAY. 

I did speak with the nurse about how I was really upset about what happened in there and she said she was really sorry, but the nurse never said anything to us about it.  I don't know.  We were shocked. 

Anyway, we are still fighting temperatures, but were told she would have them throughout the weekend and we would need to bring her back Monday.

So, here is how my week has been. Thanks for letting me vent.


whocg23 said...

Wow. I am sorry to hear your little one is not feeling well. That sounds like quite the "adventure" at the doc's office. I think I would have reacted the same way. I can't believe the nurse said that in front of the kids. Goodness. Well, I hope that all your little ones feel better soon and things start to calm down for you a little bit. Take Care!