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Friday, February 19, 2010

Doctor's Visits

I hate that the kids have to go for check up's not because of the part that they just have to go, but because most of the times, especially when your kids are babies do they have to get shots.   And if you are anything like my husband, he just seriously has a very hard time in that department.

Well earlier this week I asked if he could take Baby B for her check up and he was good with that he just worried that she would have to get her shots.  Well I got a call from DH saying he had bad news.  I'm thinking, "WHAT?'  He said Baby B has double ear infection and thrush.  WTH, really?  Why?  And on top of that you would never know she was in any pain because she doesn't complain in that department. 

So what do you do about thrush in your baby?  I am breastfeeding, can you guys give me some thoughts here.

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Beccalynn said...

Yikes! I'm so sorry to hear that! Do you breastfeed? Because if you do she can pass the thrush on to you and I have heard it's quite painful.

Jo's Health Corner said...
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Jo's Health Corner said...

Hi there,
I am visiting from MBC and the GFC group. You have a great blog. Regarding thrush in babies, I am all natural so I would use Silver Shield if any of my kids had thrush, it comes in liquid and in a gel. It has been patented for many things..You can read more about silver shield on my blog. I hope she gets better, amazing that she is not complaining about the ear infection..


Alison said...

My first son had thrush a little bit at 3-4 months. I think he took antibiotics and I had to clean my nipple after nursing so I didn't get it either.

To prevent it they say to swipe your babies mouth with a wash cloth every day.... and I haven't been doing that with my second. Whoops.

I'm so sorry about the double ear infection and thrush though! What a combo.

My husband also super hates shots.

Katrina said...

I've heard genetian violet is good for thrush. Just be careful because it is bright purple and stains! =)
here is a reference:

hfluegel said...

I have used gentian violet for my kids when they got thrush. It turned their mouths purple and made them look like little goth babies, but it works great!! With my first, I had tried nystatin for 2 or 3 weeks and it would not go away on either of us. The gentian violet worked right away. You HAVE to treat both of you at the same time though because otherwise you will pass it back and forth. I get gentian violet at the pharmacy. You have to ask for it, but you don't need a prescription. You just dip a q-tip in it and swap their mouth everywhere. Then I swabbed it on my boob too. I haven't had it stain, but I can see how it would. With this baby, I have taken Diflucan for myself because I had bigger problems with yeast then just thrush, and it worked great, then I treated him with the gentian violet.

Pumpkin Bear said...

Ugh, thrush is the worst. Did the doctor give you something to give the baby? Make sure that you treat yourself too. I got it from nursing my baby and it was AWFUL. Learn from my mistakes and treat both of you at the same time (even if you don't have symptoms yet)