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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hey...Paypal Users...Read This

Hey all you paypal users out there...I just want to give you a heads up!!  Be careful for Fraud Emails of someone trying to get your information. 

Here is what I recieved...

Dear PayPal User,

We are currently under Maintenance you will be unable to Send Money, Receive Money, and also Shop online with your PayPal Account to Update your PayPal account in other for you to be able to use these features in your Account Click on this Link below;

Thanks For Your Co-Operation,
PayPal Verification Department.

Now hopefully you can tell quite easily from the above that something is wrong.  I received this and it was in my junk mail which normally makes me look at those emails a little harder to see why it went there.  But look at the link...When you click on the is not paypal.  

So, I write this blog post as a way to say be safe and be careful.  If you receive emails like this, forward them to so that paypal can investigate them.

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dannyscotland said...

Thanks for sharing this. I live by the motto: if it looks fishy, it probably is (at least where emails are concerned).

KatieBug said...

Thanks for the tip!

camilynn said...


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