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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am a Gro Baby Tester

I am really excited that Gro Baby offered up 150 tester slots to the USA and 25 to the Canadians to test their new product.  While Gro Baby said they had 800 people online at one time trying to be a tester, guess what?  I was one of the 150 tester slots to try their new product.

Normally I am one of those people who say I tried, and I tried and I didn't make it in time, or I had it in my cart and then it was gone when I went to pay or what have you!  But not this time!! OMG I'm so excited. 

I love to give my most honest review of a products because I think is is important to do so!  I look at what others have to say about a lot of products that we may buy.  If I see a bad review, I normally do a deeper search!

Anyone else get in on this sweet tester deal?

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Michele said...

I was one of the people who fell into that catagory of having it in my cart and then it was gone. I'm crossing my fingers for next time and until then will keep my eyes open on Facebook!

Congrats and I cannot wait to hear/read what you think of their new product.

Shannon, EJ, Gabe and Hannah said...

I was one of those that had it in my cart, typed in the CC info and then it was gone...I was so bummed! Hopefully I'll win one of your giveaways :-)

Sharon said...

congrats! That's awesome!