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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tummy Tub from Bathed with Love Review

We recently had the chance to work with Bathed with Love and review a Tummy Tub for Baby B.  The Tummy Tub creates a womb like experience for your baby.
In order for me to get the complete knowing of the Tummy Tub, I had to actually put Baby B in the tub before I even put water in it and still with clothes on.  This was just to get the feel for how this worked and how to put Baby B in there.  Baby B is one that likes to sit up and has pretty much been that way since birth, so I figured if she sat up with her clothes on she would like this when we tried it as a bath.  As you can see above she was happy and comfortable.  And while there wasn't any water in the tub yet and she was still clothed, I do believe that it helps to to relax them and get them calm just because she seeemed rather calm after just sitting her in there.
Baby B enjoys bath time but the biggest complaint she has is she gets cold.  So, we always place a towel over her body and continue to pour warm water over her body so she will not get cold.  This was something that I did with all of my girls. So I tried the Tummy Tub the next night.  However, I was completely nervous about putting her in here because this night she just happened to be a little antsy.  So, I was afraid as soon as I put her in that she would get fussy and this wouldn't work for her!

Tummy Tub
Once I got the Tummy Tub all together and her all ready, you can see it is quite easy just to set her in the Tummy Tub.  You may have to adjust the water according to your baby's size and depending on your baby and how they sit in the tub with the water.  So, be prepared to have to take some water out should you have to.  So, this is a trial and error.

Once Baby B was in the Tummy Tub she was calm.  And she was super happy. She had warm water all around her without some parts of her not in the water and some parts of her in the water and without the worry of having to place a towel over her and continue to pour warm water on her.

Some great benefits from the Tummy Tub:

■Womb-like bathing experience relaxes and reassures baby

■Stress free bathing for both baby and parent

■Helps with colic and gas

■Saves space & water
Mommy & Daddy Thoughts
Overall we were impressed with the Tummy Tub and happy with how Baby B benefited from this. She was born 6 weeks early and while she missed being in mommy's womb for the last 6 weeks, she enjoyed the tummy tub. 

Mommy loved this and will continue to use this moving forward.  The only thing that Mommy thought it could use, but she wasn't sure how it would work...was something to hold her head when they are infats and can't control their heads.  I am not really sure how this would work, but it was more or less just a thought.

Daddy also was happy with the Tummy Tub, except for the overall look of it.  When we first received the tub he wanted to know if this was a bucket to use to wash the cars with.  "NO!!!"  He felt that it needed to be more appealing and decorative to show it was a Tummy Tub.  I showed him the Tummy Tub Stools and he said that this really helped to give it more of a look rather than a bucket look.



  • The Tummy Tub cost from $44.95 to $46.95 and comes in various colors. 

  • The Tummy Tub Stools cost $54.95 also in various colors.

  • The Tummy Tub Sets is currently on sale at Bathed with Love for $94.95.
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Alison said...

They have always looked so cool to me! I wish we could have gotten one, but trying to save money with baby #2 we are just using #1's bathtub! But I bet #2 would have loved this so much.

PS Your husband is funny, mine would probably think its to put the Fish Water in when he's changing the water in the tanks. Lol.

Beccalynn said...

What a cute idea!!!
Hey, I have my very first giveaway over at my site. Come check it out!

Anonymous said...

Love it!!! Great review Shannon!!


Anonymous said...

I am doing research for my college paper, thanks for your great points, now I am acting on a sudden impulse.

- Laura