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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hard To Believe


It is so hard to believe that in 1 week and 1 day I will be 32 years old.  Seriously I don't think that on that day that I will feel any differently, but it just seems weird to think that I am getting older, does that make any sense?  I don't feel old, I know I make no sense here, but hey do I ever.  Isn't that what being a mommy is all about not making any sense.  I make sense when it comes to my kids, because I have their best interest and that is important to me.

But anyway, 32 is just another number, I don't feel it means anything or that I even look that age.  Many think I am so much younger than that, which I dislike.  I guess when I get older I will like it, but right not I dislike it.

Anyway, how does getting older make you feel?
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I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hmmm... I just turned 30 today and so far, I'm feeling pretty much the same...

whocg23 said...

I think it is all just numbers. The way you live your life determines how old you are. If you act and live more like 25, awesome. But then I know people in the early 50's who act more like they are in their 60's or 70's.
I have always had people say that I look younger than I am. When I was say 18, I actually had someone think I was like 12 or 13. That one stuck with me. I hope that as I get older, I come to like that, but right now, it is like Dude, no, I'm ___ (insert current age here). Live the way you feel, and things will be perfect. :)