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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Snow

Around here they are calling for me snow....I don't know how much and honestly here in Virginia we just don't get snow all that often.  My husband is from Massachussetts, so he is used to the stuff.  I don't like it.  It really puts a damper on things...getting to and from work, schools being closed and all that other stuff.

Granted Big Sister J goes to a private school, so we have to drive her, she really hasn't had a lot of time off from school, which is a super plus.  But I don't like to drive in the mess. People don't know how to drive around here and with that why would I want to drive in something people don't know how to drive in.  I always worry someone hitting me with the kids in the car.

When we were younger we enjoyed it because that meant No School, but nor did you ever think what No School meant for a working mommy and daddy.  At least I know I didn't.  I enjoy staying home with my kiddos and wish I always could, but then you think...Work life.  AHHHH.  What to do.

How do you working mama's handle it.??  I think I have handle things pretty well this year, and honestly it hasn't been so bad...we just have gotten more snow this year than we normally do, but I think what I am trying to say...NO MORE SNOW!

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Anonymous said...

Well I honest like it because it is giving my great exercise for shoveling. I know I am weird.

I was even out last night still shoveling the stuff and it is now sooo heavy.