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Friday, March 19, 2010

Nanny Cam -- Nanny Arrested

So, tonight I am watching NBC12 and normally I am just listening to what is happening and what is new.  Tonight while I am listening one caught my attention, however I wish I had not seen it.

It is a parent's worse nightmare.

A parent suspected a woman watching their child of neglecting or even hurting their child while watchiing him during the day.  The son had a black eye one night and at first the family thought it was the oldest son  who did it, but at the same time thought maybe it was the nanny so they installed a Nanny Cam.  Upon coming home they found that the nanny was doing more of watching tv so they let her go.  Once the kids were down to sleep, the parents watched the Nanny Cam.  And the wife said she couldn't watch anymore.  I'm flipping out while watching it.

OMG.  I would probably be in jail with her for even touching my child or I would just be going off. If any of you saw this, you know what I am talking about, but OMG I was shocked to see this woman man handle the 11 month old, throw him around, hit him, throw a ball at him. just breaks my heart that someone could do this...I mean seriously.  You get that mad you have to do that?  OMG it is killing me.

I seriously hope that no one has ever had to go through this, but OMG I couldn't imagine even having to deal with something like this.  I almost looked for the link to attach and honestly it tore me apart inside and out.  I seriously just want to punch the crap out of this woman.

What are you thoughts?

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Mummatutu said...

I can't imagine why anyone would hurt a child on purpose.. they are such innocent creatures! Now don't get me wrong I get pretty angry with my kids at times but I WALK AWAY! The woman should be beat herself!!!

Mummatutu said...

Now I wish I hadn't seen that video... If I was the parent I would have punched her dead in her mouth!!!!!!!!!! So, Ya, I'm with you I would be in jail too!!!!

This Little Family said...

omg...reading that made me angry. Just the thought of someone doing that to my child (or any child) breaks my heart. So sad :(

Heather said...

i saw one where it was a 4 or 5 month old and the nanny would like toss him on the couch or let him roll down her legs on to the floor. it's horrifying to see this helpless baby go through such torture. it hurts my heart

Amanda said...

OMG, I saw this on the news last night too and I couldn't bare to watch in horror as it just got worse and worse and she continued hurting the child more and more!! I was shocked and really upset just watching it on tv, if it had been me watching the tape and being the parent of that baby I would've probably seriously hurt that woman, if not killed her! Thank God that baby is okay now and they installed the nanny cam! I hope they never let this woman near another baby! This is heartbreaking and awful to say the least, my heart goes out to the parents, I can't imagine how upset and angry they are.

Saving Our Way said...

I saw this last night on the news too. Made my stomach turn. I wish I hadn't of seen it, to be honest b/c it was all I thought about before I fell asleep.

I am thankful their son is ok & that they caught her & she's in jail. Something is SERIOUSLY wrong with people who abuse children or animals - those who aren't of equal strength & don't have the same defenses.

dannyscotland said...

I hope she goes to jail for the rest of her life. It also makes me a gajillion times even more thankful that I can stay at home with my daughter and do not have to put her in daycare or the care of a nanny. Thank you hubby for letting me do this! If I was working, I think I'd be doing some serious background checking before hiring anyone to care for my child.

Hidden Nanny Camera said...

Sad to hear an innocent child could be treated like this. Nanny cam's should be used by anyone leaving their child to be watched. With all the technology we have in todays society it's tough to believe someone would not want to protect their children and their rights!