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Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Ramblings

I just feel like rambling and so I just want to say I'm sorry!  :)

This morning Dad had to work for a few hours so the kids and I went to pick up the photo (the one to the left) that we got for free from Walgreens and a frame.  We then took it to the the babysitter as a later Easter gift, yeah I know a week late.  Bad mommy!  But she loved it.  Mommy is just a little behind that is all, but hey she did get it and that is all tht really matters, I think.  But I did feel bad. 

Once Dad got home though, it was time to clean up the yard.  It seriously needed some TLC because it has been neglected and when we got all that rain and snow, the yard was mushy for a bit so the front area was all messed up from parking the truck in the front! 

We raked, picked up sticks, the kids played in the sand, they ran around, Baby B slept and Daddy cut the grass. It really was a bummer though because our weed eater broke a bit ago and we just have not gotten another one, but we really need to. We have quite a bit of weeds that need to go.  It is our goal to plant some pretty flowers and a few vegetables.  I definitly want some Tomatoes and some others just not sure what those others are.

After we got the landscaping trailer full of yard waste, we decided we would go ahead and dump the waste at the dump and then go to Wal-Mart and get some grass seed to fix the yard that was ruined.  Before we did that though, Daddy said he wanted to get the wood from the backyard and also put in the trailer to get rid of it.  He comes in the house and shows me this picture:

We believe it was (yep was...) a Copperhead, but we took care of that.   Yuck! We don't normally play in the backyard of our house, we normally stay right out front, but wow!  It was very small, and it didn't even move around, he just sat there until daddy took care of him.  We did get some snake away and grass seed at the store, but I'm not worried.

Today was just a beautiful day to be outside and clean up the yard!  Let me just say the kids were exhausted.  They zonked out tonight.

What was your day like?

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Fabulously Chaotic said...

Oh wow I HATE snakes. I do not use the word hate very often but in the case of snakes I will gladly say I think they are awful, yucky and gross. I think you handled the snake thing very well. Thank you soo much for featuring my blog. I am now following you. Have a great day.

Katrina said...

wow....I hate snakes and I would have found that very scary :(

At least it was taken care of :)

K Pugliano said...

Hi! I am visiting from the UBP...

Thanks for stopping by and following my blog, Mom Got Blog!

This is my first year participating in the UBP and it is fun getting to know other bloggers.

I am a new follower too! Looking forward to reading your blog!

More than a Mom said...

Thanks so much for coming by my blog! I would have freaked out if we had a snake in the yard. Whew! Our day yesterday, and going to be today, was spent outside all day working/playing in the yard. Gotta love weather like this!

Paige said...

thanks for stopping by! Yikes that is a scary guy!

simplymerry said...

Yup, that's a copperhead. there were a lot at the farm i grew up. main concern with them is small animals and children (our body mass is large enough it will make us sick but it isn't fatal). If a baby is bitten, don't panic (it's not an instant death kind of thing), but do bring her to the hospital asap.

anyway... can you use a different tiny url for your giveaway tweets? i had a popup that didn't want to go away. i use and haven't had a problem. thanks. :)

Heather said...

haha funny about the snake, my friend found a little snake in her yard too. One time my husband saw a deer run down the road and we live in an established neighborhood with no woods close at all!

Alex said...

If it makes you feel any better, my husband gave his front desk receptionist her Christmas gift in MARCH. But she was still very happy with it (and had a good laugh).