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Friday, April 9, 2010

She Tried, She Really Tried

Last night Big Sister J stayed with Nanny for the night.  Nanny brought her home earlier tonight and Sister E said to Nanny, " I wanna go with you Nanny!"  So, we go ther some night clothes and some clothes to wear tomorrow and the binky!  I put her carseat in my mom's car and Sister E was ready to go. 

Little background here, the last time Sister E stayed with my mom was back in August and September when I was on bedrest and in the hospital with Baby B!  She was not happy and just wanted to be with her family!  Thankfully back then there wasn't the rules of children coming into the hospital because we just ended up having her stay at the hospital because she couldn't handle being away!

So, back to the story!  I kept checking with my mom to see how Sister E was doing and she was doing great.  She was having a blast and playing and laughing.  At 930PM both hubs and I were playing the Wii together and saying well I think she is going to make it for the night.  She talked to us and said she loved us and it seemed like it was going well!

(Please don't let us fool you, it was hard on us all, even Big Sister J seemed lost without Sister E there!)

I fell asleep (you know being up last night) while playing the game and my phone rang.  I jumped because I am on call so at first I thought it was my work phone, but I quickly realized it wasn't.  I looked and it was my mom! 

My mom said "Sister E wants you, can you meet half way?"

Hubs went to get her and he is on his way back now with Sister E.

She tried and I think that is great.  It was hard on us all, she is such a family girl.  She likes to be with her mom, dad and the rest of us.  When Big Sister J is at her dad's she has a hard time and wants her back, Sister E is just like that. 

I just am glad that she tried to go and tried to stay.  She did better than we thought she would though.  Do your kids do this?

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Jill said...

I am not sure of the age, but once they could feasibly do a school sleepover, you should probably enforce the staying once you say you are, otherwise you'll be running all over the county picking her up! Most kids, once they go to bed, sleep through the night and viola! everything is fine. good luck with this. We have not even had a date and our baby is approaching 1.5!

amanda said...

she did try! our kids have never individually gone anywhere, but they do great all four of them together. but they've never stayed anywhere but family's house, so i'm not sure if the same coudl be said for a friends house in a few years. :0) have a great weekend!! and if you're interested i have six giveaways up on my blog from this week. they all end monday. :0)

Eclipsed said...

I was the same way when I was a kid. I never wanted to sleep out. I thought I did, but often right at bedtime I realized that I didn't, luckily my parents never minded coming to get me.

EmmysBoosAndRawrs said...

I did this as a small kid. I only remember one time that my mom didn't come get me and that was because I was at my aunts, who forced me to stay. I used to 'try' to stay with my cousin a lot, and I would always freak out once it got dark and it was almost bedtime. So even though my mom was always fine with coming and getting me, my aunt decided that 'it was time that i got thru it' because I was six or so. so she forced me to stay and she said I cried for hours. After that I never went to play at her house anymore because I was afraid she would force me to stay. I had a cousin who i was VERY close to but I never went there after that. To this day I remember how I felt that night and because of that think it's really wrong to force kids to stay. It can be really hurtful. I can understand saying 'no, we are going to plan on coming to get you after dinner time (or whenever) because you don't ever stay' if you can't handle going in the middle of the night...but I think it's wrong to force kids to stay.

However, I never did sleepovers with friends until I was 10 or so, because I knew I would get scared and want to come home so I never wanted to try.