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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Umi Shoes Review

I am always looking for ways that are more healthy on the environment, earth friendly and then I found Umi Shoes

We protect the ground we walk on. We're also looking out for the next generation. Umi makes shoes that are healthy for kids and healthy for the planet. From first step to last, we're committed to quality and safety. We use only non-toxic materials that are built to last. Our drum-dyed leathers are tested for colorfastness and wear-resistance. And our commitment doesn't end there. We package our shoes in recycled materials and use environmentally sound practices to manage our waste. At Umi, making a safe, healthy, earth-friendly product is not trendy. It's just who we are.
With Earth Day coming up, I found it amazing to find that Umi Shoes are committed to such to a more earth friendly product. 

Umi Shoes sent us shoes for each of my girls to try.  I will be honest and tell you that the shoes that have gotten the most wear and still do is the shoes to the left. Those are the Bo Peep Pink Plaid Flowers.  From the moment we got them, she had to put them on and from that day forward she has not taken them off.  Well, ok she has, but I think you get my drift.  The ones to the lower left, those are the Paris Pink which she has been able to wear a few times, but with going to a school where they have uniforms and it hasn't been quite warm enough out except for one week.  However she loves sandles, so she is happy to add these to her collection.  The ones at top which is my 28 week old is the Puggle Rose/Pink.  Super cute and everyone just raves about the cuties shoes.

Umi Shoes is definitly a great product that not only stands behind their products 100%, they are earth friendly and these shoes are put together so well!  My almost 3 year old, Baby B, is super rough on all of her shoes that we go through shoes left and right with her.  She normally has a pair of shoes for about 1 month or so before she has ruined them or torn them.  The Umi Shoes, well we are on month two and these still look brand new.  We have been able to wipe them clean and their durability is awesome.  I can't believe how well put together these products are. 

Are you interested in checking out these shoes for your kiddos.  Well you have a couple ways of doing so...first make sure you check out the website, Umi Shoes, and look around.  Second, you can find a retailer in your area.  I can promise you that you will not be let down with Umi Products.

Umi shoes are flexible, supportive, built to fit, and go the distance.

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Bitsy Baby Photography said...

my little one is in need of some shoes, gonna check out Umi Shoes.