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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Are People Really not Thankful?

I have been wanting to write this post for awhile, so I have a moment and thought I would...

It really surprises me when someone does something, there is not a return, not even just a "Thank You". Is that hard?

I was talking to my mom about this yesterday actually...and she said it could be because they were not raised that way.  But I have a question, does it hurt your pride to say "Thank You" or are you just to rude to say "Thank You" or you just don't know what to do.

I know when someone does something for me...I am very thankful.  For instance...
  • Out of the norm, my normal sitter for Baby B could not watch her this week and we had my Grandma I watch her.  She doesn't normally do this and although she is family, I still felt like we needed to say thank you!  We said Thank you a million times and just to show how thankful, I gave them a gift card to McDonalds.  They love McDonalds and go there everyday.
  • As you all know (from my facebook) I lost internet, phone and TV because the dog chewed the line.  Well, they were not supposed to come back out until Tuesday to fix it, and I was so upset.  I called today and they could come out.  Within 30 minutes of the call, the guy called to say he was on his way.  I thanked him a million times for coming out.
I have just come across some things here as of recent that I did things for people and did not even get a return thank you and I was just wondering.

So, Im just curious...tell me what you think?

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Sarah Lewis said...

I love doing things for people and although a Thank You is nice to hear, it's not something I expect anymore....if I do things to get a Thank You or a pat on the back or something in return, I'm doing it for the wrong reason. I think it's nice to do things for people just because.


lotus82 said...

First off, it only seems appropriate to thank you for all the wonderful blogs you write and all the wonderful giveaways you tell us about, etc. So, THANK YOU!!

Next, I too have realized that so many people just don't use simple manners anymore. Your mom may very well be right that people aren't brought up like that these days. So many kids are barely raised at all, some parents think as long as they are clothed, fed, and make it to school everyday they have done their job. So sad, isnt it?

I have five kids, ranging form 19 to 5 and they almost always say thank you, and if they happen to forget, I kindly remind them. I still make them send Thank You cards in the mail, I don't think that has gone out of style, and if it has, it sure shouldn't of.

Thanks for sharing.


dannyscotland said...

I think that some of the facebook comments are right; it's a growing attitude of entitlement--I'm entitled to it, so why should I have to thank you? Some people aren't raised to be thankful, some people are rude and don't care, and some people are just thoughtless or oblivious. One time, when I was pregnant, I held a door for these two women who were walking out. They just walked past me without a word, continuing their own conversation. I said, "You're welcome" loudly enough to be heard, and one of the women turned around and said, "Thank you" as I walked inside. She seemed really surprised. I still wonder why. It happens more and more; not just the thanklessness but just plain rudeness in any situation. I don't know what's really causing it, or if it's a combination of many things, but it is supremely annoying. I was raised like you, to be polite at all times (it was *very* out of character for me to say that to those ladies; that's why I mention that I was pregnant because I credit the hormones for giving me a spine that day). I just think manners are becoming a lost concept. When I was a teacher, I always had a hard time explaining rudeness to my (elementary) students. One year, I hit on an explanation that seemed to work: Rudeness is showing, by either your words or actions, that you think the other person is not as important as you. I always stressed that in my classroom, we are *all* *equally* *important*.

Sorry this was so long. It struck a chord.

Paige said...

totally agree with you there. I always give my thanks, and many people...even some in my own family, seem to have a very hard time with those simple words.

Sarah said...

I was always told growning up to say thank you and please, whats funny is my mom and I were talking today about how people either dont say I'm sorry or they dont mean it when they say it. and the only reason most do say I'm sorry is so they can say "well I said I was sorry" even though they dont mean it! I guess teaching your kids to be polite isnt a social trend yet so its not that important to most people!

Anonymous said...

Both of my kids first words were "Thank You", it might not have been 100% clearn but then both say it, I guess I say it all the time and they picked up on it. Even the work excuse me. It is the way they are brougth up. Good Point Shannon....


Jill said...

I ALWAYS say thank you, and most of the time, I even remember please! We strive for our 19 month old to say them consistently and she has been for several months (although other websites say she wouldn't be doing so at ALL until about now?), I guess we are EXTRA polite.

SAPsMaMa said...

I have noticed that too. like with these giveaways, I always thank the sponsorere and the blog person doing the giveaway if i win, I love the chance to try these products and I want them to know it! I also do reviews of those products and i help out other people as much as I can!

I think people need to relax and be thankful instead of stressed and upset all the time

Annie said...

I love to help others and I'm really thankfull from others but sometimes people are rude and don't care if they act like that.

I really don't understand why, but that's the world we are living!

Anonymous said...

I am a grandma of 3 grandchildren
and I was interested in your topic.
I have been thinking of thanklessness since we had a Bible Study about it. In the Bible it says everything give thanks for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus 1 Thes 5:18
but in the end times it says...
But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come for men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy.....2 Tim 3:1-5
You see it says people are ungrateful(unthankful) and when you read the passage you say oh..
and look around and see so many things that are happening right now! We need Jesus...