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Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm Back

I’m back guys. Sorry for the delay, but really life has been so crazy. With a death in the family, which was really hard on my mom and then this past weekend our truck. It beeped and what I normally thought meant we needed to get gas (however we had just gotten gas about half hour before that) it said “TRANS FAULT” What a lovely thing. No, not really! So, who knows at this point what we are going to do with that. Honestly I don’t even want to go into it. BLAH.
So, a few things while I was out:

• My daughter had her first communion a couple of weekends ago. She was absolutely beautiful. I will have to share some pictures of her. The event went great and I was seriously very proud of her.

• Do you all remember me talking about my sister and the facebook request? Well I sent her a facebook message and said I will accept your facebook friend, but this does not mean I want to be talk today, tomorrow or anytime soon, and this does not mean I want to meet up, this means this is on my terms and when and if I would ever be ready. I’m not sure who responded back, but it was not in her writing (meaning wording) I would assume it was her wife, but I won’t assume, not knowing her. The words that came back was not ever something she would say and seriously if it was, I want to know if she went to college. She said, relationships aren’t built off of terms and some other crap. I responded back, it would have been nice if you could have responded and not someone else. This really just confirms Im not ready for anything. Well, guys let me tell you, this started some major mess…she called my mom and my mom called. I had the kids in the car and we went to see DH at work since he was working late every night that week. I told her it was not the place nor the time to talk and she went on about, “Its not about me anymore and she was really tired….” Well that was all I heard, because I hung up on her. Was that wrong of me? I don’t think so. I said politely it was not the time nor place and with the kids in the car to talk about this, she couldn’t respect me and I hung up. Anyway, supposed my sister was all about Family….interesting… Anyway, mom and I didn’t talk until the funeral.

• Death is certainly really hard on family! I mean I knew it was, but wow. My half brother who really spent a lot of time with my grandfather because of how close they lived to him, cried hard. It was really hard to see a 10 year old (which the funeral was on his 10th birthday) cry as hard as he did. It was heart breaking. He was looking forward to spending the summer with them and going camping like they have done in the past. Seriously it is amazing to me that someone that young can understand what death means and what it is all about. He really is smart, but wow. My DD1 went, however we really didn’t spend a lot of time with him, so she really didn’t know him, so she really didn’t say much. She was really sad for her uncle (my brother) though. I really didn’t speak with my mother about much of anything, I was there to support her and of course my family and to be there for my Papa. But do you all know…my sister didn’t show up. That’s right, she didn’t show up.

• I was trying to keep up with blogging, but with everything else that was happening, I just couldn’t do it. So, I do apologize.
Just some miscellenous stuff:

• A place called Martin’s opened in place of Ukrops near me, and they do a lot of B1G1’s, so I really gotta start doing match up’s with them. Does anyone else have a Martin’s that they use and what do you think?

• Friday evening, we decided to go camping. It was pretty much last minute, but it was nice to get away. We went to Camp Luray, Yogi Bear Jelly Stone Park in Luray, VA. I really wish DD1 was with us, but she was with her dad. She would have had a blast. They have lots of activities, which we didn’t do them, we pretty much tended to ourselves. We did take DD2 to the pool and I had DD3 in her swim diaper, but she fell asleep. What a bummer. Hopefully we will be going back. (On the way home is when the truck said TRANS FAULT”, money is a issue. So, I just pray for good things and that nothing will happen anytime soon right now.

Well back to the Blogging, and some great giveaways coming up. Seriously I haven’t looked at anything or the giveaways that have ended. Belly Charms and Wonder Hanger both ended May 14th, well since I haven’t done anything yet, go ahead and get yourself a few more votes in. If you read this in its entirety, you may get yourself 2 extra entries to both the Belly Charms and the Wonder Hanger.

Did you also see on my facebook, if you refer someone to my facebook and they post on my facebook that you referred them, you can get 2 extra entries to any one giveaway.

Well, Im back to the grind. Thanks for bearing with me and I am so glad that you all are so awesome. I was trying to keep up with facebook and all the giveaways and keep you all up to date on those, so I was sttill around, just not totally focused.

Love yas!!

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Anonymous said...

BTW, I have a Martins Food and they have double coupons too if it is the same grocery store. I really like it, the produce it the best around here. I get my cakes there too. I really like it!!! It is just 20 minutes from my house.

simplymerry said...

welcome back. i hope the truck trouble isn't costly. :(