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Friday, June 11, 2010

Blogger Issues

So for the past week I have been having a lot of Blogger issues!  Either, I couldn't write a blogpost which honestly ticked me off, or I couldn't leave comments on other people's blogs.  WTH.  Seriously.

I need some suggestions and your thoughts:
  • Where would I go with my blog?
  • How hard is it?
  • It has to be free...
So, help me bloggers, I am tired of having issues and tired of you all not being able to get posts when I want you to!

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Heather said...

I post both on Blogger & Wordpress. The problem with the free version of Wordpress it that you are not allowed to monetize it. To do that you have to go to the self hosted WP, which costs money.

Knock on wood, I haven't had a ton of problems with Blogger, but it is acting up today, so I may be freaking out in another few days. :)

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

UGH I know blogger has been a pain for so many people lately. I just switched to WP this week (for these very reasons). I did hire someone to do it, as I didn't quite trust myself not to screw it up LOL.

I just didn't want to chance losing my blogger blog, hence the switch.

Good luck whatever you decide to do!

Mandie said...

Hello! I just noticed your post on Networked Blogs and I have been having the same issue this week. Check out this post I found:

I would love to switch to Wordpress, but its not free. =( Hope you get some good advice. I need some too.

Carol said... it's not free....but if you are computer/tech savvy at all you can move to word press for $10.00... you WOULD lose your current design unless you can figure out how to get it back.

I went with Nexx webhosting and you get a free domain name and a year of hosting for $10.00 (Normally it's $80.00)

I just moved my stuff and honestly it wasn't that hard at all. I think that's the cheapest you'll find other than blogger.

Of course you already have your own domain name so you could just transfer it over. Dreamhost offers some webhosting for $1.95 a month but I had to jump on the $10.00 for a year deal. It hurt but not nearly as badly as the possibility of my blog being deleted or locked by the infamous google stupid-bots.

Simply Stacie said...

I switched to Wordpress last month, but it wasn't free and there are upfront costs that I paid including hosting, domain name, and my theme and then to have my designer transfer it and give me a new look. It is $$$$ upfront. Coincidentally my host server is down today and I have no blog!!! Nothing technical seems to be working for me this week!

I know that is free, but I don't recommend you move there. You are limited in what you can do on there (no paid posts, no GFC)

I'm sorry I couldn't be more help. I do like Wordpress despite my recent technical issues. At least theres a person I can call when something screws up. However, if you don't want to pay then it won't be the way to go :(

Brooke@Brooke'sBargains said...

i use WP and have been VERY happy with it, but it is selfhosted and it's not free. If you do decide to make the move, my friend Ashley at JustAnotherMomOf2 is really good with the whole transitioning from blogger to WP. In fact she just moved her blog and now she helps others make the move. She is VERY reasonable. So if you decide to go the WP route look her up Ashley@JustAnotherMomOf2 and tell her Brooke sent you ;)