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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stage Fright

A little vent and because I want to know...

I from time to time have to get in front of people for whatever reason it may be, to train, to update, or just whatever with my job.  Growing up, when it was something that was required for school, I wouldn't do it.  I don't like to use the word, "HATE" but I seriously hate to get in front of people because it makes me sick...sick to my stomach.  In high school I would throw up, so I would just take the bad grade and not do it.

Now that I work it is not something that I really have a choice to do. So yesterday I had to go to another building of ours and train and update. Wow I was sick to my stomach, my head hurt and just was so nervous. And of course I could not opt out for the bad I had to do it. It's feunny though because many people are like you don't get nervous.while I may be open and say it like it is I still am pretty shy and worry what people think about me.

So while I'm curious how everyone else is with this. Tell me how you handle this or how you do

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Chany said...

I can't stand having to speak in front of people! I have always been a shy person, and to have to be the center of attention is like torture to me. I would do the assignments in shcool, but until it was over I would feel like I was going to be sick or faint or both! I totally get where you are coming from!

Jill said...

I think it's like anything else, the more you do it, the better you get at it. Or, you could consider that you have to, so you may as well have fun with it and get it over with!