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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Address Plaques

Many people like how their home address is shown to others at your home.  Whether it be on your mailbox, just a sign or what have you.  But have you ever gone camping and seen people who like to camp who leave out signs of their last name with some pretty design on their address plaques?

I went out looking just recently because I would love to have one. I know, don't laugh, but I would.  I like them.  I think they are pretty neat and we would use this as a sign for our last name.   I found some wall address plaques, home address plaques and for the sake of it, just specialty plaques.
Anyway, here are a few and you get the idea of these address plaques and you can change them to  your wants or needs.  How cool is this? You gotta understand my post here, we love to camp and so do our kids.  So, we do it for the kids and I thought this is neat to have. 

However these would also be neat to have for your home for your address to put on your mailbox. Pretty Cool if you ask me, but I'm weird.

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