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Thursday, July 8, 2010


I guess you all have noticed the time away and the blankness from my blog and from my facebook.  Have I missed the time away?  Asbolutely NOT. I have thoroughly enjoyed the time with my with family and have sucked in every little bit of time I can with them.  In all seriousness, I have even let them stay up late, some nights it has been 11PM and one night it was midnight. Why?  Well, because I was on vacation and spending time with my family and really love the every minute of it.

My stepdaughter, Isa (internet name) is here from Massachussetts and Big Sister E and the rest of the gang.  We went camping on my brother in law's property enjoying the rest of the family that came in from Massachussetts and hanging out.  Enjoyed the fireworks on the lake like we do every year (so mad my camera decided to go haywire and didn't get many pictures, but they look like they do each year probably the only different would be an additional baby and they are growing up! However, I think the heat made the camera act up) loving up the sun, but seriously wishing the heat wasn't so bad like it has been this year.  HORRIBLE.

I think the only thing that I could have done without was the bickering of "she's looking me, she's touching me" or the really silly stuff.  But you know when I sit and think back about when I was that age, my sister and I did the exact same thing.  So, no different.  Just probably something we just don't want to hear or deal with.

Anyways, I try not to stay away from my blog and facebook this long but it was some much needed time away that was needed and I really enjoyed spending the tiem with my family! I'm not sure if my expectations were to stay away during this vacation, but it happened and I don't regret the fact that I did.  

I have some pictures I want to share which I will do later!

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Erin said...

Glad you had a great vaca! I know I need time away from the internet sometimes despite that I can't seem to function without it the rest of the time!

ELM said...

Sounds like you had some quality family time. We missed you. I hope you got lots of R&R.

Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 3) said...

Thanks for the messages, its just been one of those times I have needed the time away and really enjoyed that time away! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you got away and sounds like you needed it.

Missed you and I love the pictures.