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Wednesday, July 28, 2010



So, a few months ago we made reservations at Rudd's Creek Campground since my family was also going to be staying there.  We had family come in from New York, New Mexico and everyone from our area met up!  It is something that we have been doing something during the month of July for many years.

This past weekend was the weekend that we made that trek to the Campground. But have I told you that the past two weeks here in Virginia have been absolutely miserable.  MISERABLE.  I am not even sure if that is the right word to use, but it has been HOT.  It probably has been the hottest here it has been in many, many years.  I remember watching the 11PM news and they were saying if it stayed above 80 degrees by midnight, we would break a record for the hottest in 12 hours.  It was crazy.

Do you know that we stayed in the camper pretty much the entire time.  It was too HOT.  I had Sister E and Baby B with us, and Big Sister J was with her dad.  It was so bad that I never even took the kids out in the water. I remember Saturday night coming out of the camper to make dinner with the family, Baby B was sweating horribly, Sister E was grumpy  and then Baby B was fussy, that we made dinner and went right back to the camper and ate dinner at 945 PM at night.  Seriously, I don't ever remember it being this hot. 

I felt bad for leaving the kids inside the camper, but honestly with both of them having breathing issues, it wasn't worth it to come outside.  Sunday was still really hot, but DH picked up their little pool from home on Saturday so I put that up right at the camper and let them play for a bit. 

I'm normally a picture fool and I think I took maybe 3 to 4 photos.

So, what do you do when it is really hot?

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