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Monday, July 19, 2010

Life Insurance

Life Insurance, do you have one?  I know what a weird thing to ask, but recently it got me thinking because I have a friend whose mother in law just passed away and they are seriously freaking out because they found out that the family doesn't have life insurance and they really don't have the funds to do the whole nine yards. 

I do have life insurance for each of the family members that live with me that I do receive through my work, but nothing extra.  And honestly what I have through work isn't all that much either, so I started looking around and found this Life Insurance.  What I also found was neat is that it provides significant cash benefits, plus income protection cover, simple Funeral Insurance, or cover if you suffer a serious illness or accident. There’s also a range of optional covers.  I could also check for Life Insurance Quotes to see what it would it cost me.

I know what a random thing to blog about, but seriously it just occurred to me with the death that happened in my friends life, it could happen to others.  Are we prepared?

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Mommy of L and G said...

We have life insurance for all of us, even my little girls. My husbands is a lot more because he's the provider of the family. My girls' and mine are smaller, enough to pay funeral and some medical expenses. It's so affordable. $.25 (yes twenty-five cents) a month for each girl and $60 a year for me. It's completely worth it if something tragic happened. Thanks for the reminder!!

Nonna Beach said...

So true...all families should have life insurance... on both parents ( working or not ) if they have minor children still to raise and also for funeral expenses. It is a good idea to have an updated Will and people asked and appointed legally to care for minor children in the event of both parents dying. Otherwise, it is up to the state and judges to decide especially if you die without a Will in most states.

Jill said...

as soon as we started to buy our house (we're still under construction, so we have that type of loan not a mortgage yet..) I made my hubby up his amount from work to cover the house plus a little PLUS we got insurance for me that would cover funeral costs plus pretty much any kind of care my daughter would need until school age plus help around the house for my hubby, and it was REALLY cheap through his work. I feel MORE secure knowing that if anything happened to either of us, the other would be fine, but I worry that we don't have a will--- go figure.

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