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Friday, August 20, 2010

Fingernail Polish

So last night, Sister E was getting restless waiting for DH to come home from work, so I just thought hey how about I paint her toenails and fingernails.  She is 3 years old and wow I'm a bad mom, but it was the very first time we had ever done this.  She was ecstatic, she was so so excited and do you know that she actually sat still!  That is right, she sat there and didn't move so that I could do it.

As I was painting her toe nails she giggled with excitement and was just so giddy!  It was so cute. When I was done with her left foot and went to her right foot, she just sat there and let me do it.  When I finished her right foot, she said my fingernails mommy, my fingernails.  So, we painted her fingernails.  She then sat through and did that, and when we were done she sat there for 5 minutes to let them dry.  Yes, she really did.  I too was shocked, but she was just so excited.  She even sat and watched me paint my toenails.  It was crazy!

I also braided her hair, which I normally don't do, but she has naturally curly hair and she always has knots galore in the morning.  So, I put her hair in a braid and thought in the AM that would help.

As soon as DH got home last night
Sister E: Daddy look at my hands and my feet.
Sister E: Mommy did it.  Look at my hair.

Sister E was just so excited!  This morning DH was getting her ready for school and went to put her socks and shoes on.  "No daddy I want to wear my flip flops so I can show all my friends my toes that mommy did." That didn't go over well, can't wear those kind of shoes to school.  DH went to take the braid out of her hair and put her hair up, "No daddy, mommy fixed my hair last night!"  It was so cute when DH told me, but I can imagine it wasn't fun to deal with!  You know 3 years, they want what they want when they want it. :)

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dannyscotland said...

You're sooo not a bad mommy! Look how cute she is! I don't see anything wrong with it. I'm glad the two of you had a fun little girly time. You gotta just enjoy those moments!

Busy Working Mama said...

Hmm...your description of a 3 year old...means I am 3! Well, there is a 3 in my age :) it's just not the second number :)

Rose said...

I just painted my 18-month-old's toenails the other day, as a way to get her to sit still on the potty. She loved it!

It's fun to do that kind of thing - makes me glad to have a girl!