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Monday, August 23, 2010

Sleepy Time / Not feeling Good

(autopost from cell email)

This is Baby B this AM, I knew she didn't feel right and told the sitter when I dropped her off that too keep an eye on her, because I don't think she is feeling good.  She has had a very deep cough and just fussier than normal.  (but this picture is her before I took her to the sitters, she had fallen asleep after I had gotten her ready)

At 10AM, I got a call from the sitter, she said Baby B doesn't have a fever but her cough sounds horrible and you can really hear it in the chest.  I called the doctors and they want me to bring her in and have her checked.  Sister E was known to have RSV four times, and it wasn't a fun time, so I just hope that Baby B doesn't have it.

Heading to take her to the doctor now!

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Mama Hamzeh said...

Hope she doesn't have RSV. My son battled RSV and croup a few times in his first 2 years and it was no fun. Hope she just has a bad virus.

Feel better soon!

Danni said...

aw poor little one! I hope she feels better soon!

Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 3) said...

My 3 year old battled RSV for quite a bit too, and itwasn't fun!

Thanks again everyone.

I think we are starting to recoup.