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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Flash Giveaways on Facebook on Thursday, September 30th Plus Extra Entries

Do you guys want to have some more flash giveaways?  I've got quite a few cloth diapers, I've got some boy stuff, some girl stuff and I've got gift cards.  I'm really excited because this time, there will be 3 of them going on at the same time, so you can jump back and forth and have lots of chances to win something. I am doing the Flash Giveaways with Raising My 4 Sons and That Crazy Lewis House.

But here is the deal, we can't have them unless Raising My 4 Sons (5 now) and That Crazy Lewis House! reaches 1000 fans!

they are both really really close, but they are not there yet.  They have to make it by tomorrow night by 10PM in order for this Flash Giveaways to happen or they will be postponed. 

Here is your chance to make some extra entries: 
Here is what you need to do,
  • Fan the two below:
  • comment on their facebook that I sent you
  • make sure you are a fan of Coupon Mommy of 3's Facebook
  • comment here that you did.  You will earn 10 extra entries to ONE of the giveaways that I currently have open of your choice.  
  • Then comment on the ONE giveaway that you chose "Facebook Extra Entries" 1 - 10.
SO GO!!!!!!!
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Knocked Up and Nursing said...

I like both on facebook.
sarah brown
knockedupandnursing at gmail dot com

Chany said...

Fan of both, and I told them you sent me!

anamlgrl said...

Hi! I friended both blogs and commented on their wall!
Lauren Foster

Caroline said...

commented on both facebook pages that you sent me!
Caroline Guf
c_guf at yahoo dot com

Life of the Leatherberry's said...

I am a fan of both and of course you! Also commented!

SAPsMaMa said...

I liked both and you on facebook! commented on their walls! Now to choose which giveaway to use these entries...but hav to find time to enter the giveaways first! So this might take a few days to a week for you to see these applied lol. :) couldn't pass up teh 1000 landmark though!
mphin278 at yahoo dot com

slang76 said...

Fan of both and commented on their walls...I was already a fan of both, but pretty sure you told me to go there originally :)

Meg said...

Raising My 4 (5) Sons made it!

I like both them and Crazy Lewis House on Facebook.

I'm also a Facebook fan of Coupon Mommy!

My facebook name is Lego

legoisking at gmail dot com

Lisa B said...

I like both on facebook and told them that you sent me.

lisa gordon burrows

Michelle said...

Fan of both already and they know that you sent me:)

bdiane34 said...

Commented and liked both facebook pages

Rebecca W said...

I'm a new fan of Raising My 4 Sons
and I was already a fan of That Crazy Lewis House!
rebeccaw2005 at hotmail dot com

Rebecca W said...

I commented on Raising My 4 Sons that you sent me and I said Hi to That Crazy Lewis House (since I was already a fan)
rebeccaw2005 at hotmail dot com

Chelyeah said...

I like both and let them know you sent me :)

MHL said...

I liked both on facebook

Heidi Leno

Katie S said...

I'm Fan of both on Facebook now, and I'm a Fan of Coupon Mommy of 3! I made sure to let them know you sent me.

katiekstewart at gmail dot com

Libby said...

already a fan of all three of you!

libby dot bloom dot hunt at gmail dot com

rosie025 said...

I liked both on fb
Rose Towers
rosie025 at hotmail dot com