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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flash Giveaways on Coupon Mommy's Facebook

Do you know what a "Flash Giveaway" is? A Flash Giveaway is where I post for all of my fans to go to a facebook page, like the WAHM/businesses facebook page, leave them a note on their page and then come back to my page and comment that they did and that WAHM/business will give away something.  These normally last 3 to 5 minutes a piece.  What this does is drives fans to your page, increases your fan base tremendously and then later they come back looking around and I have understood that it has really increased many businesses sales.

I am really glad that the Flash Giveaways have proven to work well in WAHM/Businesses to get their fan base up on Facebook and also make purchases up.  I love being able to help.  This also helps me in companies finding me and wanting to advertise on my blog and it helps our little family of 5 and our funding of cloth diapers!

With that being said, I have many emails wondering when the next set of "Flash Giveaways" will be on my facebook and I will tell you all that I haven't thought about it.  I love doing them and my plan for the next one is also have it well put together like the last one was.  I was really happy with they way that the last one turned out, except they end up being so late however to my surprise we still had just as many people on as we did from the earlier time. 

I would love to run a Flash Giveaway again, again no date has been determined, but with the same mind set of having it all together and everything in the spreadsheet.

I am not sure if any of my sponsors know that from the last round, I write down what your fan base was at the start so I can see just how proven that this works.  It does wonders.  Many of the sponsors that I worked with had over 100 fans!  WOO HOO!

Here is the form to complete if you are interested in being involved in the next Flash Giveaway on my Facebook.   Anyway, I would like to see an even spread of cloth diapers, boutiques and products for boys and girls.  This was a little hard on some because they only had boys, so a more even spread of products would be awesome!

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