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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Flexi-8 Review

Hair Bows, hair ties, rubber bands, OH MY!  Oh My is right, because seriously I never have something that works best for my hair and then just when I think hey this is working great, it breaks or doesn't work so well anymore.  What works best for your hair?

Well, I received several different size Flexi-8 Clips to review and when I first saw them, I must admit, I seriously said, "This will not work in my hair!"

Well, I was very wrong.  I am mommy of 3, and I always, always wear my hair up.  The hubby always tells me, why don't I kick back and let my hair down sometimes, but I just like my hair up and out of my face.  It also works best having my hair up when I am breastfeeding to, just out of the way.

So, as a mommy who likes to wear her hair up and not have to fiddle with it several times a day, I was really happy to try something new and pray that it would work for me.

It came with simple directions and on how to twist your hair and put your hair up!

There are different sizes as below:

  • very smallnone 2 inchOur smallest clip, recommended for baby fine hair or pulling back just a little bit of hair. If your ponytail is an extra small, you will use the mini for a 'Half-up'.
Extra Small
  • 7/8 inchXS 2 3/4 inchThe extra small was designed for those with very fine hair who want to do styles like the Ponytail and Tails-up. Also works for most women's Half-ups.
  • 1 inch S 31/4 inchSmalls are the most common size for a Ponytail with fine hair. Those who have thick hair and use a medium or large for a Ponytail will use the small for a Half-up.
  • 11/4 inch M 33/4 inchThe medium is best for those with thick hair and want to do a Ponytail or a Tails Up. If your Ponytail is a small, the medium is great for a French Twist or Up & Down.

  • 11/2 inchL 41/4 inchIf you've very thick hair (wavy, curly, or straight, but very thick) you can use the large for a Ponytail or Tails Up. If you use a medium for your ponytail, then you can use a large your French Twist. You will want to use the extra large for very long thick hair.

Extra Large
  • 11/2+ inchXL 51/4 inchOur extra large was designed for the Up Dos. When you watch the video of the Extra Long hair style you can see how this is used. Those with very thick hair (large ponytail size) can also use the extra large for the Up & Down or French Twist styles. Extremely rare will someone use the extra large for a ponytail. Those who use the mini, extra small, and small sizes will never need an extra large.

I also gave a few of these to my mom to try because she has thick hair like myself and I felt it would be a good combination to see how it works for her.  She wants more.  She goes to school full time and also likes to have her hair pulled back and out of her face.  Flexi-8 gave her exactly what she needed.


The product in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary or other means of compensation.

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