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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Divine Muse Handmade Jewelry Review

As I have gotten older, I have found myself to love jewelry and even moreso that depth of what the jewelry stands for.  When I was younger, it really didn't mean as much to me, and didn't have a meaning.

So, when Heather from The Divine Muse Handmade Jewelry requested that I review one of your bracelets, I was really excited about it. Heather got started about three years ago when her fiance's father began to make jewelry for a hobby. She thought his pieces looked amazing and she wanted to try it out herself. She began by just making jewelry for herself and for friends and family, but slowly began to sell to others when they commented on the pieces she was wearing.

Heather wanted me to pick what stones I wanted to work with and me being not so smart about jewelry didn't have any idea where to go with what stones we would be interested in.  So, I wanted to keep with my kids birthstones or at least something close in that nature and I requested that.  To keep close in nature, we used:
Garnets - These are deep red almost black. This is the "stone of health" and the official "stone of friendship". It helps promote feelings of affection both to and from the wearer. Garnet takes away bad energy and transmits it into beneficial energy.
Fire Agate - Larger orange red beads. This stone is powerful and represents the spiritual flame of absolute perfection. It dispells fear fromt he deepest parts of our being and provides a spiritual shield of protection which deflects all threat and harm back to its source.
Carnelian - Red Beads. This stone helps one analize and to be precise. It is quite helpful to activate one's latent, unknown or unused talents.
Peridot - Green Small Beads.  This stone emits a warm and friendly energy. If any changes are going on, it helps the user to accept and work with the energy of the changes.  This is a stone of changes, cycles, mental cycles, emotional, intellectual and like cycles to regulate them all.

Crystal-Glass - Sparkeling faceted beads. These do not have any meaning except for to be pretty.

Prior to sending me the beautiful bracelet Heather cleansed the stones. Your stones, your gems, crystals, jewelry, pendulums, basically anything around you, or on you, can attract positive and negative energy and hold that energy unless the object is cleansed.  This was something new to me and I really didn't understand this concept, so I had to look it up!  But after looking it up, I understood that pretty much anything around you or on you can attract your energy, so cleansing the stones takes out the negative energy.
The Divine Muse Handmade Jewelry

I was really happy with the outcome of the bracelet, but had to be honest how did it work? And I didn't know, so I asked. Heather said you have to say outloud, ""I am going to connect with and utilize the energies of these stones for their highest purpose."

The more and longer that you wear it though, the more you will feel the positive effects that it promises to offer you. The effects that you will feel are all natural and are able to be felt by harnessing the natural energy that your body produces. It does not always seem to make sense but once you try it and are able to feel just how effective it is, you will also be pleasantly surprised and recommend it to everyone you know from friends and family to even your co-workers.

As I have gotten older, I have been able to connect more with my jewelry than rather just wearing for the simple fact of wearing it. What I find interesting now, I remember a necklace that my Nana wore and never wanted anyone else to touch her necklance, but she had other jewelry that she didn't mind if you touched or wore.  Being young I could never understand why...however as I have gotten older and done more research and have been able to connect with my jewelry and learn more about it, I understandy why.  That is different energy touching her necklace. She only wants her energy!

Currently Heather runs The Divine Muse Handmade Jewelry through Facebook so if you are interested in having a beautiful product made for you with beautiful stones, please contact her at: Heather also does not go into complete depth of her stones in this manner, however I was interested and requested this information, so it was important for me to share that.

Here is some of her other beautiful work:

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