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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rude People Yuck (insert letter S for Y)

(I chose to use Rude People Yuck instead of Rude People XXXX!)
I’m sure in my day I have been a rude driver, but I’m never so rude that I leave someone shocked and in disbelief. A couple weekends ago we went camping, now you have to remember we have the truck and a 28 foot camper trailing behind it. Our Sunday drive back that should have only been a 2.5 hour drive ended up being a much longer 6 hour drive, but that is neither here nor there. We stopped at a gas station so that the girls could go the bathroom, and mind you we never stop somewhere where there is not enough room for DH to get around with the camper in their parking lot. After we were done and ready to head out, we started on out the parking lot. Now what I didn’t mention was that this was Sheetz but that really shouldn’t have matter, only to mind you that it was plenty big and always busy!
Back to where I was, we were getting close to the exit of the parking lot to get back onto the main road. We needed to take a right out of the parking lot, which meant DH was over to the left a little so that he could cut the turn enough and the camper not run into the ditch. This white van turns left into the parking lot which means he is not right in front of us on DH’s side. DH tried to ask the white van if he could back up, but this man was grumpy, and so very ”rude”. He looked at DH and waved his hand as if meaning “GO” so that he could go by. DH asked if he could just go and he just sat there. He pulled up besides here is how this went:
Grumpy Man: “Move this damn truck and camper out of the way!”
DH: “I will move when you move so that I can get out of here”
Grumpy Man: “I’m not moving over, I don’t XXXXing care that you need to take a right to get out of here!”
ME: “Sir could you please just move out of the way so that we can get back on to the road!”
Grumpy Man: “I’m not moving and I don’t XXXXing care if I hit your damn camper!” He throws up the middle finger and says, “XXXX you!”

And drives on.

I am shocked, shaking and watching this man drive by the camper. He seriously only had about 2 finger lengths in between his van and our camper. I’m watching closely worrying his van will hit the camper and he will just keep on going like nothing ever happened. While, thankfully he didn’t hit the camper, we moved on.

I was shocked and just amazed that people would treat you that way.  And you are talking with a horrible potty mouth in front of my kids, are you kidding me.  Its one thing that we have potty mouth in front of them, but someone else!  Really?

So, yes, I do feel that “Rude People SuXX!”

Have you had anything like this happened before? Tell us about your story!

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Maia G said...

I hate rude drivers! I had a bad experience one day at a red light. I was driving my convertible and the lady behind me thought it was acceptable to stick her head out of her window and yell at me to go through a red light because she was going to be late for work. I ignored her, but she kept yelling louder and louder. Thankfully, the light eventually turned green.

dannyscotland said...

That's unbelievable! Some people...I don't know. Something is wrong with them. The worst thing was one night driving home from my mom's with my daughter in the back, this guy came up right behind me on a stretch of road that is 55mph. I was going 55 or maybe 60, so not like I was some slowpoke. He got so close up behind me it was really scaring me. We came up to the first of 2 red lights, and when it turned green, he just stayed right on me. He was flashing his lights at me, and NO ONE was in the other lane! What, he couldn't go around me? Then we pulled up to the next stop light, which has two left turn lanes, and he pulled into the one next to me, and I was afraid what he was going to do. I pulled out this piece of paper and a pen and took down all his vehicle information and made sure he knew what I was doing, too. I probably should have just called my police officer friend right then, but I was so shaken up I just didn't think of that. I feel like you do in a way: mess with me, that's one thing. Mess with my child, and that's completely different.