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Thank you so much!
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Are you Following Emily Hubbel's Page?

I just ask because you will get the most up to date about Emily and the family!  We are trying to keep it updated as often as possible.  I miss all of you and hope you are all doing well.

Continue to say a prayer for a little Emily!  We do read everyone's comments and every comment really means a lot to us. Thank you for everything all of you do and have done for us, we honestly can't thank you all enough because it means so much to us.

Follow here: Emily Hubbel's Page
CaringBridge: Emilys

Thank you!

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Gena said...

Yes, Ma'am! Praying for you all. You're such a beautiful, loving family...

Hugs to you all!

Twinpossible said...

I happened upon your blog, and as a mom who can relate to your struggle, I want to send to you BIG cyber hugs, and pray for a wonderful miracle for your beautiful daughter, who has a lot of life left to live in this world, and lives yet to change. (Continue changing, might I say!) I'm sure she has changed many for the better already.

God can test us, but in the end..nothing will ever break us! God bless you and your family. You are heavilly in my thoughts and prayers. I wish Emily a full recovery and healing for your pain as parents, as I know just how much torture you are feeling at this moment in time. Nothing is worse!


If you ever want to talk my email addy is:

Much luv xoxo