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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Guest Blog Post: Xenia from Thanks, Mail Carrier

Today's Guest Blog Post is from Xenia from Thanks Mail Carrier.
Thank You, Xenia!!

My Santa Claus is my mail carrier. Don’t you agree? Aside from the junk and the bills, the excitement over what small gift he may bring me is as good as Christmas morning each day when his little truck comes down my block. The extra bonus of this is that EVERY day is Christmas (except Sundays. And, ironically, holidays like Christmas).

When I decided to start a blog, my first hurdle was coming up with a name. Seasoned blogger friends of mine said to pick something that was important to me and that I could live with. I was already addicted to entering online giveaways (once you win one or two, it’s all downhill from there) and knowing that I wanted to write my own review blog, I figured I would focus on the root of it all, my mail carrier.

Thanks, Mail Carrier started off slowly and has grown into something that I love and take immense pride in writing. For anyone who is thinking of starting their own review blog and has the idea that it’s pretty easy (that companies will come knocking down your door to have you write about their products) let me tell you that it takes a LARGE time commitment and an ego that can withstand rejection… or just flat-out being ignored.

Aside from the sponsors and the reviews though, blogging has opened up a world that I never realized existed. I have met so many wonderful women (and the occasional man) since starting my blog, that I was shocked at how easily the friendships are formed yet how meaningful they are. I can’t imagine not having such wonderful people only an email or a comment away that are there to answer any question I have or just for a kind word.

Whether people find my blog though a giveaway listing or they stumble upon it accidentally, I appreciate each and visitor and read over every single comment that is left. I’ll get an occasional email from a reader just saying that they enjoyed that day’s post and that makes my heart skip a beat that I’ve written something that has entertained someone other than just myself!

Thank you to Shannon for giving me this opportunity to say hello to everyone over here at Coupon Mommy of 2... Now 3 and I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season! I welcome you to stop by Thanks, Mail Carrier and say hello!


Naomi de la Torre said...

Awesome guest post, Xenia! It is interesting to learn more about the review biz. I don't do any on my blog, so I'm always interested in hearing about it from others who do. Thanks for the info. I love your blog and this one too!!! Hope you both had a super Christmas! xoxoxoxox