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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thank You to My Followers Giveaways Winner

I am really excited to annouce the winner for my "Thank You to My Followers Giveaway" 

Melissa over at Bum Covered Diapers had a very hard time choosing the winner, but she chose one that she really liked and the winner is....

Pumpkin Bear said...
We never planned to cloth diaper our baby so when she turned 3 months and we decided to try cloth, we decided to ease our way into it. On the second day of trying cloth diapers, my husband changed her dirty diaper and put her in her swing for a nap. When she woke up, her whole outfit was wet, the swing was wet and my husband was in a very bad mood. He carried her to the changing table while complaining the whole way that cloth diapers are terrible and they leak and he is not a fan and on and on.

When he undressed her we discovered the problem- she wasn't wearing a diaper at all! We laughed and I told him that for the cloth diapers to work, she has to actually be wearing one.

After that incident we had a couple blow outs when she was wearing a disposable diaper so we decided to make the switch to cloth diapers full time. Now we have been using cloth for 2 months and we love it. I even overheard him trying to convince our neighbor's husband to switch to cloth. He told our neighbor that cloth diapers work better than disposables as long as you remember to put them on!

Please contact me within 48 hours.

Congrats to you Pumpkinbear

I apologize for getting this out late, but my Friday didn't turn out like I thought it was going to. Sister E has been sick with temps over 104, so we were at the doctors office and trying to keep the temps down at least.  We finally got it down to about 100 and hope we can get it lower but were told she will probably have a temperature all weekend. We have to bring her back to the doctor on Monday.

And I am so close to 300 followers, so once I hit that there will be another Thank You to My Followers with a Gift Card to CVS!

Just a huge thanks to my followers, I would not be where I am without you!


Dumb Dawn said...

I love the cloth diaper story.
I use to cloth diaper my son. I loved it. Expecially after I found the PERFECT fit for him...I don't remember the name of the AIO's that I used....but they were great!

Loving your blog BTW.


Beccalynn said...

Pumpkin Bear's story is HILARIOUS!!!