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Friday, January 15, 2010

Show Me Your Stash Giveaway at Sharni's Blog

This is a different kind of Giveaway and I really like her giveaway!  Its so easy and there isn't much to do.

Sharni's Blog for the Nappy Shoppe Store is hosting a "show me your stash giveaway"
on her blog. 

Send her a link of your photo online of your diaper storage and give her description of where you got the idea from and anything else you want.

I had no idea how to store my Cloth Diapers and about a month ago I posted about this trying to figure it out. Everyone had different was of storing theirs.  For me having three kids and one of them being two who is into everything, I couldn't just leave them out or she would have them all over the house.  So, one day I had to return some stuff I had received from someone as a gift for the baby to Target, I looked around to find something that would work.

I found a three drawer organizer and at the time I didn't have many diapers so I was thinking this would work perfect. 

On top of the organizer is the wipe warmer that has solution in the water but it doesn't keep the water warm at all.  The thing you see hanging from the top was something I gotten from the doctors office when I found out I was pregnant that was from Similac.  I didn't think I would ever use it, but it has three pockets on it with a hook at the top. You can fold it up to close it or leave it open as I have above. It has all of the cloth wipes in it to use.

I have it right beside her pack and play which we normally only use now for changing her since it has a little changing area on it.

The nice thing about the organizer is that it has wheels on it so when we are wanting to move it somewhere else it is easily able to be transported.  It is getting full now as you can see. 

The top drawer only has extra inserts, prefolds in it with a few of the girls leg warmers in it with wipe solution in there.
The other two drawers have cloth diapers with the inserts already in them.  The bottom drawer does have a few of the larger size ones for Sister E.

So head on over to Sharni's blog and enter her "show me your stash giveaway"