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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cloth Diapering While Traveling

So, last weekend while I was taking a break again which was a much needed break...we were just going to hang around the house and just enjoy time with each other and the fmaily. DH spoke to his father and his dad had surgery about a week ago and he just didn't sound well. So DH was concerned so we decided to make a quick trip to Massachussetts.  So, gathering we didn't know we were going to be leaving until last minute, I'm running around the a chicken with her head cut off to make sure that I have everything that I need.

Baby B is cloth diapered full time so this was going to be a brand new experience for us.  First I will have to say I didn't know how many cloth diapers that I would need and then cloth wipes and the whole 9 yards. 

So, I packed a bag of about 25 cloth diapers to be gone for 2.5 days and all the essentials that are needed for this.  Then I put some into the diaper bag so that when we had to stop I would have some there as well!  A little while ago we were sent a Diaper Bag Kit from Eden Home to review (which I will be doing soon) and taking this along was such a great idea.  I am so glad that we did especially for when we stopped in the restrooms.  The best part was having a family restrooms so DH could help with the kids!  I could open this open and just put it on the changing area and change Baby B.  We stopped one place and they didn't have anywhere to change Baby B, so I could just pop this rightt on the floor and change her.

So, my essentials included cloth wipes, wipe solution, something to put the solution in (I really should invest in a spritzer because I think this would help with traveling when we do travel), wetbags (I have two and they are small, so I brought them both) and extra inserts!   So, how does everyone else do this?

Anyway, traveling and cloth diapering actually worked out really well for us.  Family commented about them and my sister in law who was just recently married is thinking about having another (sometime) so I was showing her the diapers and about them, hopefully I can get her converted to them, we love them.  DH's mom asked how he liked it, he said I don't like it, but it is good for Baby B. 

I think my biggest issue was we need a bigger bag to put the dirty cloth diapers in.  I ran out of room. I was a little annoyed with this, but whose fault is that.  Hopefully I can gather up some money to get a large or extra large wetbag because this would really help in the future. By the way, using a Pail Freshner from Rockin Green (which I will also be reviewing soon) was awesome because these dirty diapers sat in there for a while and the freshner was nice to have.

Also my next biggest issue was having a diaper bag that actually worked. I wasn't happy with what we had, we had a small Gerber one and this works great for quick store trips or whatever, but not for traveling.  Again when we get some money up I need to find something better that will work.  We don't have good luck in that area of having a great diaper bag.  What do you all use that works great for cloth diapering and traveling and all that?

By the way Sister E wore regular diapers the whole time (traveling I mean), but she never once went in them and every time we stopped she went in the restroom.  Good job Sister E.

The ride home was the longest trip every!  UGH.  The girls did great, no doubt about that, but it was horrible.  We got stuck in traffic in New Jersey which made an 8 hour trip turn into a 13 hour trip. 

Oh I forgot to mention, breastfeeding while traveling that long can be a pain to.  On the way home, I was in so much pain.  OMG.  While sitting for 2.5 hours in New Jersey, I couldn't take it anymore, I took Baby B out and fed her since we were not moving.  It didn't help so we ended up having to stop at Target and get a converter so that I could plug my pump up and pump while going down the road.  Can you imagine that site?  Haha, at least it was dark outside, but I felt so much better and we needed the milk for the next day anyway.  But WOW.

We took the car, so imagine all the stuff you need for the kids, yourself and then the other things, we were jam packed and trying to pump in the front seat, I had no room.  Oh well, I love my car, I can deal and we really didn't spend much gas, so I can deal.

Do you have info on traveling while cloth diapering?

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dealightfullyfrugal said...

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Anonymous said...

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I would love for you to come on by and check it out my blog :)
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sheila said...

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cwendel said...

Honestly, I did not have room for my cloth diapers b/c I fly to everywhere I travel. But I have a large wetbag at home that I use that I LOVE, it's by Mommy's Touch, it has a drawstring top and it keeps the smell in GREAT! Good for you, I went with disposys on my trip.....

Mrs. B said...

on our 1st trip we went to disosys. baby and me flew without daddy. i couldn't figure out how to pack all the diapers i needed with 2 checked bags.

we're leaving for a car trip fri and i'm considering taking the diapers (at least the FLIPS). but i'm sure i'll get talked out of this while packing. i just want some normal in my life for this trip. we're going to a funeral.

thanks for your experience.

hisgal2 said...

I CD my kids during the day..use pocket diapers. I didn't have any extra money for a wet bag so when I'm out I just use a freezer sized zip lock bag and when we go on trips, I take a large bucket that used to hold cat liter. It seals any smells when the lid clicks and it fits nicely in the trunk of the car or the bed of our truck. At home I spray out the diapers (if you don't have a diaper sprayer, you SOO need one! how-to's on youtube) and then just dump the entire bucket of dipes into the washer machine.

I don't normally CD the kids if we are on super long trips because I don't like using other people's washers for the dipes.