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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I really need to Build My Milk Back Up

My milk has seriously not as much as it used to be, although two days ago I just finished my menstrual cycle, but still.  Yes it is 1 AM and I just finished pumping and only got just less than 4 ounces out of two breasts.  So, come on this isn't normal for me.  I started taking fenugreek two days ago and so far I haven't noticed an increase and I have increase my pumping.

So, tell me what did you do that worked?  I need some help!

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Nicole said...

This is what worked for me, and they taste yummy too!

Hope it works!

Alison said...

I've heard eating oatmeal every day works as well!

Amanda said...

there is a tea out there that helps. (I beleive ts calld mother'e tea) I never used it but I have heard it works.
also Hot showers will help.
and Nursing baby every hour for at least 5 mins on each side will help increase the amount you produce.

Pumpkin Bear said...

Nursing more often will help your supply the most. How much fenugreek are you taking? Enough that you smell like maple syrup?

Ashley said...

I have not personally taken this because fenugreek has always worked for me but I have friends who swear by it

Good luck!

Katrina said...

If you are open to prescriptions, you can ask your doctor to put you on reglan for a week... that usually works, but don't take it more than a week.
man, I've never been able to get more than like an ounce and a half out of both... but I've had problems the whole time. We have to supplement. I hate it, but you've gotta do what you gotta do. =)
Hope your supply goes back up! Could it be that your milk supply has regulated and is now in line with what your baby needs? That usually happens at a couple months... just a thought! Try not to stress over it, that's not good for your supply either! ;-)

Carly said...

I ate oatmeal like 2 times a day and it doubled my supply in like 5 days. good luck:)

Anonymous said...

I heard (and tried) white grape juice. It seemed to work well with my first one, second one not as much. I ended up just trying to pump more so my body would think it needed to produce more. Drink lots of water no matter what you do!