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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Remember my Guest Blogger: Attention Target Shoppers

Well this is for all you Attention Target Shoppers Followers... My friend Ginger over at Attention Target Shoppers was hacked sometime within the last couple of days and now she has no personal control over her own blog. She has professionals working fixing her blog hopefully her blog will be back up soon.

My question is, why would someone want to do that?  Hopefully you are back up soon Ginger.  Thinking about you!
I'll update you as soon as I know something!

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Alison said...

Oh that is horrible! I hope she is back up and running very soon.

Sharon said...

oh no! that's the stuff of nightmares. You're right, why would anyone want to do that?!

Ginger said...

Hello? It's me Ginger. I am back in business as of tonight.

Yes, there are some really sick folks on the planet with more time on their hands than they have moral good sense. If they are this smart, they are so misguided and misdirected.

No way to know how it happened. No fault of mine I assure you. Some backdoor hole in an ad or the server wasn't properly being monitored and updated by my host or, or, or, or....

But, I'll chase a few things next week when I have time and people are at work and it isn't the weekend crew.

Thanks so much for the post. I am up, running and open for business. THANKS! Ya'll come see me now ya here?