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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wednesday is Link Up Friends Day

Continued from two weeks ago, I forgot to post this last Wednesday and I almost forgot to post this today!!

Thanks to The MamaZone , I have found a new way to find new Bloggy Friends.  Yea how exciting!

So, Bloggers here is the low down...!Are you looking for ways to find new bloggy friends and to get more followers? Well if you are...just add the name of your blog and the link to your blog in the MckLinky below. After you do that follow the person who posted a link before you.  And if you are like me and like to read other blogs, then go and check theirs out too and follow them. Feel free to link directly to your blog or to your favorite post.

What I will do is I will follow all of the blogs on the list and leave you comment love. Who doesn't like comment love??  Remember to leave a comment on the blogs you follow to let them know you found them here at Coupon Mommy of 2 Now 3, and If someone follows you, be sure to follow back. And because of The Mama Zone, I'll repost this every week now, so be sure to return and link up with some new folks.

Have fun meeting new blogger friends.

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