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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sick Babies and Snow

So, did the bout of the stomach bug go through your house?  Yet?  Thursday Sister E kept telling DH that her stomach hurt, but she said she didn't have to go the bathroom and the last time her stomach hurt she had temperatures of 105 and an infection.  So, needless to say DH and I were both a little on edge that she was either getting it again or it never cleared up.  Thursday night she got sick.  When she had high temperatures she didn't get sick.  At about 2AM she woke up and said she needed to get sick.  So I rushed her to the bathroom.  If you are wondering, Yes I was awake.  I can't seem to sleep these days and I can't stand it.  Then when I want to sleep I have to get it.  Friday she was very moppy and complained all day that her stomach hurt and she still got sick a couple of times.  I did end up staying home with her from work on Friday and I am glad that I did, because I would have hated that daycare had to call me and say she needed to be picked up because she was getting sick!   

This stomach virus is no fun, has any of your kids gotten this?

Now for the SNOW!  We live in Virginia and granted I do like the snow...I think it is because we don't get much of it.  But at the same token, I wish it would go away and go back to Massachussetts!  Haha.  I love my family in Massachussetts, so just kidding!  But it actually gets kind of annoying after a while and it is pretty!  I was watching the news last night and so many businesses are loosing revenue because of it because we here in Virginia will stay cooped up in our houses because we aren't used to it.  And if we did go out, we would fear getting into an accident not because of ourselves but because of all the other idiots out there.  You hear on the news there was over 100 accidents.  WTH.  I mean seriously people, you can't slow just a bit.  Or just be careful!  Oh it is just nuts.  But then when it rains around here, you have people who slow down.  WTF.  Don't you think they have it backwards?

Anyway sorry just a quick vent, just been trying to deal and keep it real, but it isn't always easy! 

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Beccalynn said...

My family up in CT has NO snow...or they didn't last night and said none was coming. We, on the other hand, have easily 2 feet and it's still falling. Ay ay ay ay ay!!!

Susan said...

yes...we are all sick in this house, but a mixture of an ear infection and colds...ugh!

My sis in law is in maryland and sent us some pics of the massive snow fall, and gosh, i dont wish it on anyone!